Hurricane Nate Coincidences (and others)

Here is a list of coincidences that occurred during Hurricane Nate. I don’t expect you to get all of them and I need to mention that these coincidences are pointless. They have no influence on anything else. They are just fun to see. I hope one day it’ll be realized that this is part of quantum entanglement. Regardless of what you think of me, physicist should really do more research into coincidences. I hope this website serves as evidence for any interested scientist.

The night of the storm I woke up from a nap and realized I have a few hours of power left before the storm hits at 1am. So I did a half load of dishes. The moment I went to turn on the power to our black Samsung Dish washer, the power went out. This is in relation to Samsung coincidences that have happened before. I have encountered several Samsung coincidences in my line of business. So this was just the cream of the crop for me when I realized it a few hours later. Across the street had power, but the next door neighbor and I did not. It came on shortly after and an automated system asked me to confirm power was restored. I did and 5-10 minutes later power went out again and stayed out until 7:52 am CT Sunday.

Sunday morning when the power came on the air conditioning woke me up and I immediately thought of the water pump. No pressure. Turns out we lost prime.

The next is the number 666 showing up in the comment count where Stephen Colbert is discussing the “Pee Pee Tapes”.

I do have the “Pee Pee Tapes“. It’s from my part of inter-dimensional orange cat enjoying the urine left from my Blue Russian cat.

I woke up at 2:51 pm CT Sunday again. After the pump was fixed I went back to bed. 251 is the Area code of Mobile, Alabama. Sunday was my mom and dad’s anniversary and she wanted to have crabs or BBQ. Crabs were out since the casinos were closed. However, my dad’s favorite BBQ spot, Dreamland, was open in Mobile. Mom got free banana pudding. I ate it.

I don’t always get to pick the coincidences I witness, one recently happened on October 2nd, 2017. The day after Stephen Paddock left his mark in history. My next  return back to work, after the shooting, was having my odometer read 77,777. Just a coincidence I know, but it goes back on the very first “event” I saw in 2004. The first vivid one after leaving the hospital was a head on collision at the property of a local bank. Over the years I’d learn abnormal events would surround vehicles frequently.

My friend and coworker that got sick by the anti-coincidence came outside to the break area and said it was dark. The lights lit right up.

I’m not expecting you to understand this. Every time I try to make something out of coincidences things fall apart. They’re pointless, it’s how I roll. So for now I’ll just record evidence and maybe one day we can get us a nice scientist to help us make sense out of it.