Solar Eclipse 2017

The Eclipse started with a “chomping” show as the moon barely touched the ring of the son. For just a few moments it appeared as if the moon was working its way around the Sun as it broke the ring.

In my area, the maximum was 0.84 Magnitude at 1:32 PM. It was beautiful. When I pulled away and took off my glasses I saw a cloud wrapped around the Sun. It was as bright as it could have been and should have been masked by the clouds. That wasn’t the case, there was a hole in the cloud just big enough for the Sun to come through for me to see. I was in awe even further.

Toward the second half of the Eclipse the clouds started showing up, only every few minutes did I get to see the Eclipse while it was in between the clouds. No rain though. I wanted to see if the “chomping” action would happen at the end of the Eclipse just as the moon was moving away, sadly, clouds prevented me from seeing that.

A partial soundtrack of the Eclipse:

Too Good by Spose

Black Gold by Soul Asylum

I will survive by Cake

Today by Smashing Pumpkins

I have a sunburn as proof I witnessed the entire eclipse, less a few minutes to feed the cat. I slept like a baby last night.


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