Higgs Boson Expanding

Over the Christmas holiday I gave one gift, I successfully transmitted Pass the Particle to my friend and Backup mother Ms Birdsong. The mother of my Physicist friend Atomic.

I am so full of doubt that it took 3 confirmations to fully believe it myself. The concept is for the Saints to Resonant with her Heart. I spoke this into existence for her. There was a control game she watched, then 2 more games where she directed the Saints to win using a Cucumber and later Pickles as the target for her to focus on. When the Saints were in distress, she was to eat a cucumber or pickle to error correct / nudge the game. I’m not a football fan, but I do like Pass the Particle, so I asked how it turned out and twice she was able to absurdly sync the game to her actions.

Finally, I feel some relief that my Christmas gift was transmitted. Imagine my surprise when she’s texting me on Monday night Football about her witnessing Tee Higgins tackling Damar Hamlin. I immediate get my OCD Pattern seeking Triggered, seeing the the Bills are coming due for H&H on Better Call Saul, because this is clearly Breaking Bad playing out in real life.

My initial additionally assessment was that this was a Specifically TimeĀ  (T) Hug around a Heart in perfect sequence with Mother Earth. Down to the Nina Trauma. I bring this up with my friend Justin Time and he points out how close it is to Higgs Boson. The whole situation is madness, no matter how you slice it Meta appears supporting my theory, recently confirmed, that this is a scripted reality.

the Dictator is waking up in 2023!