Inter-dimensional Orange Cat

I love cats, so I’m always spotting them.

I have seen several orange tabby cats hanging out near the roads I travel where I use to not see them. At one point, two of them ran into the road just in front of me. One got a bit of a headache from my front bumper, but he survived.

An Orange Cat is inter-dimensionally trying to be put out of their misery after He peaked on the morning of Feb 4th, 2017. That’s the day this cat enjoyed the smell of a Blue Russian’s urine to an obscene amount. Unlike my dad’s cat, Gourd, who is not known for his enjoyment of urine.

Here is that inter-dimensional Orange Cat:


How much more coincidental can I get?

Updated 5/6/17 23:47 EDT:

I just returned from a wedding. I haven’t attended a wedding since the nineteen eighties and I was surprised to learn it was on this very road where I started my journey to learn new and exciting things about the concept of life. I got arrested that night in 2004 and ended up in the hospital instead of jail as I was overwhelmed with life at that very spot and here my friend is joining into a life long partnership with her partner. I couldn’t be happier in hindsight as I look back at this wedding today.

But back to the cat. On my way to the wedding a healthy orange cat sat in the road looking toward me and I had to come to a full stop and edge myself closer before he’d move. Let’s not give up on Inter-dimensional Orange Cat like he’s giving up on himself. He’s ours and we’re going to make him the very best inter-dimensional orange cat — with your help.

Updated 5/10/2017 12:37 EDT:

Last night Inter-dimensional orange cat was spotted with his head out of the Window of a dark-colored vehicle facing the wind. Never seen a cat do that before, I’d be scared my cat would jump out the window. Fake Mary and I don’t have that level of trust, then again she’s never had the want to put her head to the wind while I’m driving. Inter-dimensional Orange cat was pretty darn happy last night.

Updated 5/14/17 13:53 EDT:

Inter-dimensional Orange Cat was spotting picking at the News Paper. I couldn’t catch it on film, as he just put his head down in shame when I started videoing it.

Updated 6/13/2017 13:23 EDT

Orange Cat was heard coughing after this tweet was posted:

your legacy is progressing. You just had billionaires praise you; something you’d want. Don’t you want to change that?

Updated 6/17/2017 17:11 EDT:

IDOC was found laying on the TV remote for a second time whenever my father “lost” the remote.