Coincidence Consolidation

In the beginning I was doing an experiments in coincidences around the beginning of 2017. I have seen these flash points since 2004 where I “feel” like something is happening. So I started doing experiments with them. I wanted to see if I could expose others to coincidences and make, hopefully good, things happen to others. I was just experimenting. I don’t know what I’m doing.

So I did an experiment with my favorite Barista by using the end of a straw left by her when she serves a drink. I call it the condom of the straw. One day a flash-point happened and a straw condom had appeared from somewhere. So I began doing experiments trying to recreate events with the straw condom. After a few weeks I realized it was fruitless and set aside the experiment. Much to my disappointment, it went the way of Smart Water.

I work with my “inter-dimensional” brother, Xavier. As an experiment I called him a White Silverado while he stood next to a Samsung contest table. I did this right after a flash-point and decided to watch the outcome. I had kind of forgot about it for months until I encountered several White Silverado, one with a peculiar tag that strengthen it’s cause for coincidence on October 26th.  So I took a picture and shared it with Xavier, I told him something was about to happen, unsure good or bad, but if my experiment were correct then he would experience an event. Xavier wasn’t at work and wasn’t responding to messages. I got worried, there was a 50% of it being bad. Luckily on Friday night he finally responded and told me nothing happened.

So much like the straw experiment, the White Chevy Silverado experiment failed. Coincidences can’t be created, just like the LSU Professor told me.

I’m still figuring this out. One thing I’ve learned is coincidences fade over time. I use to see a PT Cruiser often on the road at “just the right time”. Now I haven’t seen them when expected.

If a new opportunity for an experiment arises, I’ll do it. It’d be nice to have my activity take off, but I’ve lost the ability to strengthen them via Citizens United money since Twitter cut me off. The renewal of the domains are coming up soon, so I’ll be spending a chunk of change on those. Slow and steady wins the race for free speech to half.