I’m knee deep in coincidences here.

Dear People,

I’ve had two “Life Events” happen in Gautier, Mississippi. One where I attempted to “check out” in 2004. The other where I witnessed the marriage of a friend that gets “Life”.

Yesterday, I learned my first Dictation got his own Memorial Highway in Gautier, Mississippi. A city that has led me to constantly be unable to spell Guitar.

I noticed this yesterday. the Scott Pruitt Memorial Highway. This road is dedicated to a great Scott Pruitt, apparently  the name Scott Pruitt creates “Life Events” (No Pressure other Scott Pruitt’s). I’m glad I’m geographically close to the Better Sgt Scott Pruitt.

Sgt Scott Pruitt Westbound Sign
Sgt Scott Pruitt Eastbound Sign

When I went to the Casino in an attempt to reconcile some Good Will from the Golden Nugget, I came across this. It’s a vehicle with a missing right mirror, It also has a dent in the driver side in the same place as an Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera I owned and a Windshield crack a little larger than the crack I had on my 2004 Chevy Cavalier.

I’m having strange communication problems.

Messages show up in my email that can only be downloaded over POP3. They do not appear in the web mail version of my email boxes. The emails contain an exploit called Exploit:Win32/pdfjsc. I’ve done a Full virus scan and it showed up in the mailbox. From best that I can tell, I’m not being hacked, but I am receiving unanswered prayers. I can’t view the contents of these emails, because they won’t download all the way, so they go unread.

My “Dictator” cell phone lost service whenever it received it’s 42nd text message. The message was from a friend helping with the Trump Domains project. He’s having a little difficulty getting started. I had to text him from my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. Then we worked out his problem so he can continue with trumpsmilitary.com. I have Faith he’ll do good with it.

The person that recognized Coincidences first, Xavier, received a warranty call on a Samsung GS7 Gold: my color. The phone was returned for damage due to a BB that struck top left of the phone. On the package was a tiny BB hole in just the right place. The inspection time was 4/20/2017 4:20:10 PM. This was definitely a coincidence and it should be waived. Xavier tries to get the fee waived, only to be turned down. The next time I goto the bathroom I end up peeing a little blood. I wasn’t in any pain or anything and it only happened that one time, so I’ve put it behind me as a coincidence. Douglas Adam’s knew what was up with 42.

But seriously, how far do I have to go!? Inter-dimensional Orange cat was spotted around March 3rd. He was a young cat that seemed to have a lot of apathy and got out of the way when I drove up to him.


Updated 5/23/2017:

I didn’t get a chance to post the pictures of the Car I saw at the Casino. So here are those pictures. I’m a real person, having these real experiences. In real life.

Mirror is missing at Casino
Dented in a similar fashion as a my oldsmobile.
Simular Crack
This is broken in the same way my 2004 Caviliar is cracked, but a little larger.


Since I seem to be the only one in on this joke, let me say this:

It gets weird, but it gets good. Also, I have negative coincidence established to handle any evil doers. Let’s make the Earth great again!


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