My Schrodinger cat is missing.

Gourd, my Schrödinger cat, is missing beyond 24 hours. The last night he slept with me he slept under the covers. I thought he was being a scaredy cat and that was the best way for him to show me I was correct. He generally doesn’t sleep under the covers.

Now, I’m worried about him. He didn’t come in last night and he hasn’t been seen throughout the day.

Here is a picture of him rising to power.

This is a picture taken May 4th, 2018. He’s standing on a Cyberpower UPS that powers our VoIP Line. I assume he’s trying to rise to power. He’s done this several times and I swear when I started he wouldn’t get off the UPS until I took his photo. He kicked the power off several times, so I didn’t want him on it.

For the record, this image contains a recalled Kidde fire extinguisher. The UPS he’s standing on has been serviced by warranty repair. He lives up to being a Schrödinger cat in the images I have captured of him.

Now that he’s missing, I’m worried. He’s an asshole cat, but he’s my dad’s cat and I love him. He wakes me up at night wanting to be petted. It was annoying, but now I’m scared a little.

Gourd, may the force be with you while you’re outside.

I’ll update this when he shows up.

Update 5/17/2018 22:22 ET:

I went outside to smoke a Gold American Spirit and pass along some cosmic faith. I figure maybe he’ll like Gold.

Anyhow, JC came through and played Jonathan Coulton — Take Care of Me. Gourd didn’t show up while hollering his name. I replaced the cat food with fresh and got it out of the rain. It’s hailing today. Maybe he’ll come home when he gets hungry.

Update 5-18-2018 9:30 ET… Gourd is home! He just went on an adventure. He’s never done that before. I hope he doesn’t scare me like that again.