Chasing Honey – The Coronavirus / COVID-19

Dear Earth,

I believe I have diagnosed the Coronavirus using my own methodologies. I have not been able to speak of this prior due to cosmic censorship.

The Corona (Eclipse) Virus is simply put.

The Magnetic resonance of festering ignorance. We have been way over due for another Carrington event and if my hypothesis is correct then when the lower and upper portions of the information blackhole merge we will see a naked singularity.


The Corona Virus is not around as much as we think it is. The vast majority of the virus create electrostatic bonds to particles from your mouth. A mask will give a barrier to these. Try to think of Masks as a bullet proof vest or a Lexapro with the 251 Imprinted, Cell Phone Alabama’s area code. You don’t use it but that one day a year you get shot. The other 364 days are wastefully spent wearing a vest that accomplishes nothing but inconvenience.

Wear a mask fools. You can’t cover your head holes in the split second someone nearby sneezes or coughs or talks with heavy spittal. God forbid someone sing near you. Music is the wave this rides.

Soon, and I have no clue when, we will pass through the plates of this singularity. It will not cause any problems but mass confusion. Since it’s all information, I make a suggestion. Please take a spoonful of LOCAL Honey so you’ll be inoculated, if only in placebo form, from the gravitational waves that’ll pass through Earth. during the transitional event.

Wild Party – Chasing Honey

My Base reality subjectively resets every 7 days, starting Sundays, and objectively (Projected) every 16 days. I am seeking a Hmm from a Unique thought outside of my local group of friends and family. Until I get that, I’ll be forever held back by an ever expanding blackhole due to Cosmic Censorship.

I am not alone. This belief is held by many of my peers. There will be a group of First Observers show themselves to begin the evolution of human kind. I may not be that person. 434am has a good chance of being that person. I don’t have the charisma.


the Dictator

with help from Michael and the Auditor