Video source material for April 1st.


Dear US Citizen:

I have been given coincidence in the form of a video that could later be source material for a great April fools video for @realDonaldTrump. It’s all legit and legal use of video involving something that may or may not have happened.

This video is available at YouTube and also here for backup.

This video is a huge coincidence that has happened with my cats. I can’t explain it, but I took this video when I got woke up hearing light pounding against the wall.

I live with two cats, an orange fat cat that doesn’t know when to stop eating, and a Blue Russian born in 2003. I don’t know when the orange cat was born, no one in my family seemed to have documented it. The Blue Russian is definitely elder to the Orange Cat by at least ten years.

The Blue Russian is my adoption while the orange cat is my father’s adoption.

I am Dictator Trump. If you can make the connections, I’d love for you to take the video and turn it into a hilarious April fools video.

I’m filing it under Creative Commons. Feel free to modify the video how you wish, preferable with context, and make one heck of a April Fools video. I tried to learn Adobe Premiere, but that’s a rabble hole I have no intentions of going down. I couldn’t do this video justice. I do ask that maybe you give reference to it’s source.

Coincidental facts:

For privacy, I’m anonymizing the cats names. The orange cat is “Gourd” while the Blue Russian is “Fake Mary”.

Fake Mary has been with me for years, since 2003 when I got her after having a panic attack and took her out of the yard of a friend’s home while she was snuggled up against a sister/brother. I didn’t even check Fake Mary’s sex or play with her. I figured that cat was curing my panic attack and I’d figure the rest out later. That was a in day in July 2003 where I took her from her brother/sister for my own comfort.

I remember when she started getting out of her kitten phase, I got lazy and didn’t clean the litter box for an extra day. I was working on the computer, she came to the desk, and peed right on to a towel left from the shower. I learned Fake Mary knows how to communicate. Fast forward to 2017 I bought some different cat litter called “Yesterdays News”, that I know now, to be inferior to the scoopable cat little I’ve been using . I started transitioning to this because I bought 90# worth of “Yesterdays News”. So Fake Mary ended up peeing on my rug since towels hit the hamper. I let her do it hoping she’d transition, but it never happened. I switched back to scoopable after trying it for two-three weeks.

Now Gourd, he’s my dad’s cat. He might be neutered, but he’s always had it out to get a chance to exploit Fake Mary’s territory. They can’t occupy the other’s personal space without Fake Mary hissing or swatting at Gourd. Though he seems to have some kind of respect, because he doesn’t bother Fake Mary when she’s eating.

A friend is under the suspicious that Gourd is trying to cover his scent so he can pounce on something. He just hangs out outside, never preying on anyone but Fake Mary.


Dictator Trump

US Citizen.

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