The March for our lives

I didn’t even consider a visit to the March for Our Lives until the night before. After the apathy in response from the Women’s March I figured I needed a little motivation. So I posted to twitter:

Mar 23

the local March starts at 1pm. I’ll likely be asleep . Should I try to wake up early and make it? The Dictator needs some motivation after a failed . What do you think? My sign is ready to go.

and Mar 23

Dictator Retweeted Dictator I’m heading to bed. If anyone wants me to go to the , give me a call and let me know so I can set the alarm. Check my site for contact info:

I went to bed and slept until 8:42 AM CT when my sister called for tech support. I answered her questions and the March came up. I told her about the twitter post and waiting for someone to call to ask me to go March. She said to me that she’s going to the local one where she’s at and reminded me that kids might be more receptive to my new ideas than adults. So I set the alarm and went back to bed.

Just before the alarm went off I heard my dad’s voice, to the best of my reckoning he was rattling off math for his reloading of ammunition. I haven’t heard my dad’s voice since he died. So that happened. His voice was interrupted by the alarm.

I got ready and realized I had not prepared for this March at all. I’ve thrown away one to many pairs of holy underwear and now had to wear yesterday’s underwear. I axed them and called it good. I’ll be picking up a pack of underwear soon so to replenish stock. Also, all of my Dictator-ish shirts were dirty. Mom was nice enough to put my Douglas Adams 42 Shirt in the dryer with a dryer sheet and a wet wash cloth to get the funk out. It didn’t have much to begin with, but yeah… Not ready at all for this march.

Song that played during above thought: Last Minute Gig – Beefy

 I packed up my Dictator signs and went to the Public Safety Park in Mobile, Alabama. A gun rights march/protest was about to take place at Public Safety Park. What a perfect place for me to go, no matter the crowd size.

I was late arriving so parked at the convenient liquor store next to the park. I offered the clerk $5 to not tow it, he declined and said it’d be okay.

As I got there many people were talking from a bull horn.

I walked around some, making sure my sign is turned the direction of any active camera. I saw some people make an effort to take my picture and I’d turn and stand with my sign for a full shot of me.

I saw over in the corner was a line of tables. Planned Parenthood and other organizations were setup as well as the March for Science. I recognized the lady at the table as the person that ordered my mic be pulled when I tried to speak at the March for Science 2017. We spoke, we acknowledged we remembered each other. I said “I remember you! You’re the one that pulled the mic on me last year”. She said I was a bit disruptive. I explained I had emailed ahead of time, spoke to her asking for time to speak, and waited until the end to be as least disruptive as possible, but sure. I was disruptive with my free speech. My free speech was suspended at what I believed was a rally with a free speech component. I told them after the March I had registered science Trumped domains as I was no longer going to leave that to chance.

The guy that was with her spoke as well. I had told them that as a side effect of this project new quantum entanglement evidence has appeared. I’ve documented it on my website. He said there is lots of evidence of quantum entanglement. He was a physicists so should know. Scientists are so stubborn. A Free speech guy comes and says he had some really odd thing happening and I get dismissed rather than questioned. When I realize this I just told them they’re like talking to a wall and walked away. Had he not been so hostile I would have easily given him a few more pieces to the secret sauce. Another physicist misses the chance.

After walking away, I noticed they started packing up their table and the next minute they were gone. They left about 20 minutes prior to the end of the March. Did I scare them off or just a coincidence? We may never know.

Near the fence is a large banner with Mobile March for our Lives in a City Scape of Mobile, Alabama. It had markers next to it and people were welcomed to sign it. I was so nervous about writing with a permanent marker that I misspelled Speach. I wrote “Marching for Free Speach – Dictator” .

I walked around the crowd hoping to get anyone’s attention and a senior couple stopped me and asked about my sign. I explained the domain project and the wife had a very valid question. What will I do if a propagandist wants a domain to spread Jewish propaganda. I had not thought about this possibly, but answered that I have to give free speech to all sides that ask. If no other person comes forward with an idea for and someone wanted it for use as a site to spread lies, I’d have to consider the request. She seemed disturbed by my response, but that’s what inaction will get us. A possible propagandist might get a domain. I hope I never have to deal with that specifically.

I then got stopped by a Rick. A Rick can be any person that comes by with a good soul. This Rick told me that back in the 1960’s they wouldn’t let themselves be photographed. I told him that initially I did stay out of photos, but people are so blinded that it doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Other than the Russians and Department of Defense, I seem to have no return visitors to my site. I explained to Rick what my free speech project is and that it has some science happening as well. He told me I needed some luck and he told me to keep up the good work. Keep doing what I’m doing.

A large crowd of teens were getting together to take a group photo of their signs. I wanted to join in, but opt’d not to when I learned they were a high school group. A FOX News 10 Camera man was working on getting the video of the group and I had told him that it sounded like they were chanting “Ban Roast Beef”. After the shot, he agreed. It sounded like they were chanting “Ban Roast Beef”. I’m not sure what they were actually chanting, but I chuckle that Arby’s is nearby and I can’t think of what Roast Beef would have done to those kids.

Not seeing the light go off in anyone’s mind takes its toll, so I sat down to smoke and hung my sign next to a bench while I smoked two Aura’s Gold. Decided it was time to go afterwards so I walked out the park and went into the package store to thank the clerk for letting me park there. I buy the last Minute Maid Lemonade as a thank you.

When I get home I have two chores to do. I committed genocide by poison to ~15+fire ant beds and planted two hibiscus trees and two roses. My mom bought two roses dedicated to my dad. One is hunter orange, the other peach. I didn’t realize Roses came in so many colors. Anyways. I planted all but one Rose. It’s place was to close to an ant bed. I’ll plant it once the fire ants die.

Just finished writing. This song is playing. There’s Always an A-Hole on the Internet by Rob Paravonian. Please don’t be an A-Hole, kay?