I’m not understanding or losing faith one

Dear US Citizen,

I have created my free speech project with intention of literally helping a few people out of the 325 million Americans. I have heard nothing. I have ran ads of all sorts trying to bring attention to the project and if the right person can see my vision, then we can get started envisioning it.

I’ve tried ads that I thought would get attention about physics, free speech, Trumped Domains, or at least interest in my collection of quantum entanglement. I have some pretty cool stories that I’d think people could talk about — but I don’t even have trolls.

I understand I may have discovered my own “bubble”. I am equally both boring and radical.  Just radical enough to get completely dismissed.

I’m running this as an ad right now. This is my best effort at trying to find those 100+.




Best Regards,

the Dictator