Defining Information Gravity

It’s time I try to simplify, as best I can, my definition of information gravity.

This is an example of a information circuit:

Baby Girl born at a 7-11 Convenience store at 7:11 PM and weighing 7 lbs, 11 oz on 7/11/19.

The information circuits I see are not that elegant, but they are a very nihilist interpretation of the Unusual Light I saw back Labor Day 2004.

The gravity I speak of shows itself in two ways. One, the form of love in a soul and second peak weird forms. A result of a gravitational wave can’t be measured by any scientific instrument. I mean, it can vibrate LIGO, but I’m referring to the result of the wave. it’s completely objective and this is the reality I have built for myself. To you, it’s subjective and that’s fine. The child in “Heaven is for real” literally saw the simulation as imprinted by his father who shares my name. That was his objective reality of the light of God’s touch, it’s just as valid as mine. The father’s name, just a coincidence — Schrodinger cat’s tells me it both is and isn’t a valid coincidence. I’d like to believe it was meant to be that the imprinting of that child was by someone sharing my name.

So at this point we know that gravity shows itself in the form of information stored at junctions “coincidences”, and we are our own soul of love, positive light.

The way this plays out is we get to dictate our own stories of our lives, but God’s touch aka “Peak wierd” will make it interesting. In fact, I suspect within a 24 hour spin of reading this you’ll likely see a synchronicity. Maybe in a mirror ? I don’t know. This is the point where you need to pull back and reflect. You would be witnessing the light on the other side of your shell.

Read my stories, they are peak weird. I observe the simulation and have been writing into the blockchain of life for the past 3 years since recognizing it, but no one has broken through my shell and made a real connection with me in the spirit of my Citizen’s United Physics Project.

I hope this helps.

the Dictator

PS: Music is synchronous, while writing this the following songs played. Never heard before.

Ooooooo, The Unincluded

What would happen? Early Adopter

After publishing:

To the letter by the Palmer Squares

Wheels in motion by Input

The entropy fell to the negative wave, so no more song listings.