This is how fair I want to be!

Proof I’ve been balanced my whole life. Let’s get this going. I will help all US Citizens as evenly as possible regardless of side. why I kept this pizza receipt, I may never know. But I found it while reviewing info on my past medical bills. I have always tried to do right by everybody.

Politically Balanced Pizza
A pizza I ordered with two competing sides. Beef or Pepperoni ?

Dictator’s New Years Toothache

Remember the toothache Dictator Trump had?

I got the bill for it. Here’s how it laid out. This is just sad.


  • Physician Services¬† Charge: $475.00
  • Insurance Payment: -$427.50
  • Total Due: $47.50

The problem with this is the fact I paid $50 when I was at the Emergency Room. So I emailed the billing department asking for them to consider the account settled or refund me $2.50. I hear back from Nicole, nice billing lady, and she tells me she knows it’s a billing problem, but no one seems to care to fix it. I’ll be sending Nicole a note soon with my payment of $47.50.

I have to pick my battles.