Repeat of coincidence – Helping someone

This is a continuation the coincidence tied to “Walkers Took care of Goodwill adjustment“. A nearly same coincidence took place helping someone else that took place on January 26th, 2018.

I was getting gas and after pumping this guy walked over to my car and asked me where I was going. Told him my direction and he asked for a ride to a gas station in Gautier, Mississippi.

I offer him a ride and we make a few stops. I help him get a gas can from a friend of his and then take him to his apartment where his vehicle was left. He needed to be dropped off at the apartment complex next to the one I use to live at when I lived in Gautier a dozen years ago.

So, yeah, second hitch hiker helped. The first, back in June 2017, needed to get to a trailer across from where my brother lived and Friday I took someone to an apartment complex next to where I use to live. At some point coincidences stop being coincidences. I’ll keep collecting evidence like this until I’m heard by the physics community. Gautier is a city of 18k citizens, what are the chances he’d end up so close to my old residence?

These are true stories.