Whoever you are.

I haven’t posted in quite a while for two reasons. I feel like I have enough information already posted to garner some interest and second, the stories happening don’t make much sense when I change someone’s name to an alias. So, privacy for those people. This story requires few names, so I’m privacy policy in tact.

I’m back though to share something and it, just like all the other stuff, has happened and is completely true so help me God.

So down to it.

May 1st, 2022 I was driving home from Clinton, Mississippi. This was my first trip outside of the core shape of Todd Structure since it’s discovery. I love how music and life can relate to one another and this worked out swell. On the way home I started playing Geggy Tag — Whoever you are on YT Music and just as I did this 777 Car Tag appeared.

The Lyrics of Geggy Tag Whoever you are “You let me change lanes while I was driving in my car”. It’s about being polite on the road and the best number showed up, 777.

God will give me a fleece for confirmation and 8 minutes later I found 4257. 42 is Douglas Adam’s Hitch Hikers Guide and 57 is my Address in Space.  Confirmation Tag

We Fast forward to May 24th 2022 and I’m going through all my Prayer Initiation songs. These are songs I play to let God know I’m doing Thoughts and Prayers without having to tell him directly. These are songs like The Future Kings of Nowhere’s Like a Staring Contest; Jack’s Mannequin’s Hammer and Strings; Smashing Pumpkins Thirty Three, and now Geggy Tah Whoever you are. Low and Behold, I play Whoever you are again and I spot a … 777 car!

I was too excited to spot, much less photograph the confirmation. I promise you it was on the road that day. Whatever it was.

The above information is to demonstrate that I have a Unique ability to find Meta-Entanglements. There is much more information to share but until you can comprehend I can see the abnormal information, the rest is pointless.

I say all this to get to this. I have based a lot of my Philosophy teachings on the TV Show The Good Place. In it is a scene where the name Jeremy Bearimy is used to described the time line. I realize this is fiction, but he’s basically drawing a fictionalized version of the Todd Structure. There is a dot the i of the timeline and I have found my version of this dot at the Mississippi College of Symmetry. This is assuming I’m using the Dictator signature instead, so that the dot in the eye can exist.

July 4th we celebrate our Independence and the 10th Anniversary of the Higgs Boson. Let’s rejoice in the God Particle for it is Good!



My new Schrödinger kitten

I’m writing this because I’ve noticed a drop in synchronicity in the past week. That’s my perception of life — I can’t explain it, but it’s something I feel in the background.

I thought about what’s changed and what’s changed is “The Dictator”, a character created by the person writing this, has not “Dictated” recently.

I write privately coincidences that I witness, preserving evidence basically, but even with that I’ve left gaping holes in what I’ve not written.

Since I can’t write an “incidence” out in its entirety, I figure I’ll span the Dictation out like a gradient. I’ll write publicly something new!

So onward!

On April 4th, 2018 into this world was born a new Schrödinger cat! It shall be known as Caterpillar!

Caterpillar is the name of six kittens. Caterpillar is washed in quantum information from birth — an observed as incidences of synchronicity over time. When I first met the group of six kittens they were wrapped in a curl lined up from widest to narrowest strips. The middle one, the original Caterpillar, was the most ugliest and average of all of them. That little guy made an extra effort to love up with my during my visits. Just my luck — the ugliest likes me and I want to bring home a single Caterpillar.

The name Caterpillar is named such because the first time I realized I was seeing low level information I saw a CAT Road Compactor, owned by Caterpillar. Also, when Original Caterpillar climbed up on me once I mistaken him for a split second as a Caterpillar crawling up my arm. The name stuck.

The next few visits though the Original Caterpillar started looking more like the rest of the kittens, so at that point is when I decided since I’m only bringing home one kitten and I might fall in love with another. So for convenience, all of them are Caterpillar.

After a few weeks of visiting with Caterpillar and waiting for them to mature enough I can take one away from mom, I come over to discover that four of them were rounded up and taken to the pound. Caterpillar was now two kittens. Original Caterpillar was not among the ones that stayed. To be able to tell the difference between the two one was named Cater and the other Pillar. I brought home Cater and Pillar is our control group to see what happens when a Schrödinger cat is left with it’s mom until adulthood.

ttt66666666666666fffffffffffffffffffff <– Cater’s aka Caterpillar’s contribution to this post.

Caterpillar is the most generic of all the Schrödinger cats I’ve encountered. She’s still discovering her capabilities. I refused to look at her junk to see what sex she is, one day my sister in law looked and told me Caterpillar is a girl. No Balls. Damn. I wanted a boy, after 14 years of Fake Mary, both Cater and Pillar are both girls. While thinking about her “coming out” with her gender, she started chasing her tail. My girl — I can literally say this: Caterpillar, my cat, discovered she was a girl and immediately started trying to get herself some tail.

I just got lucky with my first two Schrodinger cats. Gourd had a tinge of Donald Trump in him and Fake Mary had a tinge of Russian Prostitute in her. That was just pure luck they were the Dictator’s cats. Gourd is still around, but he’s become an outside cat by choice.

One thing I’ve noticed about synchronicity is it seems to increase when a plot point for “The Dictator” happens. The day I brought home Cater aka Caterpillar I met the African American version of my sister in law at Walmart as a greeter. I took a selfie and told her that her mere presence was enough to make my day. My brother’s African American mirror works at Circle K, or did. He may have quit. There were other instances that day, but it’ll all absurd and doesn’t seem to matter.

On to other subjects. . .

I believe for the first time I had a “third person” speak through me. I was at work and talking to someone and I had to call her baby. I slipped a baby into the conversation and immediately felt something leave my body. I then told her that was a third person and I didn’t mean to call her baby. She’s a very nice lady. Nothing came of the conversation at the time. Looking back, I did, for the first time, speak for a third person to someone else. Gives me a new perceptive on God I hadn’t considered. Another perceptive of “The Third Person”.

I haven’t been contacted by anyone in months. Just in the past few days I was sent a message that said “Speak no evil. Hear no evil. See no evil.” I googled the name. He seems to be a Pastor from OK, I haven’t heard from any people interested in my project and for the first time in months I get contacted by a pastor. Seems about right. I’m running a Google Ad Campaign that likely attracted him. I hope it spreads to others, 320 million Americans can’t all not see me.

That’s it until next time. I’ll try to write more. One day a ghost writer is going to have to come behind me…



My Schrodinger cat is missing.

Gourd, my Schrödinger cat, is missing beyond 24 hours. The last night he slept with me he slept under the covers. I thought he was being a scaredy cat and that was the best way for him to show me I was correct. He generally doesn’t sleep under the covers.

Now, I’m worried about him. He didn’t come in last night and he hasn’t been seen throughout the day.

Here is a picture of him rising to power.

This is a picture taken May 4th, 2018. He’s standing on a Cyberpower UPS that powers our VoIP Line. I assume he’s trying to rise to power. He’s done this several times and I swear when I started he wouldn’t get off the UPS until I took his photo. He kicked the power off several times, so I didn’t want him on it.

For the record, this image contains a recalled Kidde fire extinguisher. The UPS he’s standing on has been serviced by warranty repair. He lives up to being a Schrödinger cat in the images I have captured of him.

Now that he’s missing, I’m worried. He’s an asshole cat, but he’s my dad’s cat and I love him. He wakes me up at night wanting to be petted. It was annoying, but now I’m scared a little.

Gourd, may the force be with you while you’re outside.

I’ll update this when he shows up.

Update 5/17/2018 22:22 ET:

I went outside to smoke a Gold American Spirit and pass along some cosmic faith. I figure maybe he’ll like Gold.

Anyhow, JC came through and played Jonathan Coulton — Take Care of Me. Gourd didn’t show up while hollering his name. I replaced the cat food with fresh and got it out of the rain. It’s hailing today. Maybe he’ll come home when he gets hungry.

Update 5-18-2018 9:30 ET… Gourd is home! He just went on an adventure. He’s never done that before. I hope he doesn’t scare me like that again.


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