Description of my free speech project

Dear US Citizens,

Hello! I’m trying to do my absolute best to help the world out with the knowledge I’ve gained about God’s Physics, but in doing so I’m exploited so much misdirection to carry out the quantum entanglement that I’m misunderstood beyond belief.

Try to follow:

First, understand that “the Dictator” was the chosen name because I’m trying to help “Dictate Free Speech”. This is part of the misdirection mentioned above. I do not believe myself to be a Dictator in the likes of Kim Jong-Un. I’m only a Dictator of trying to protect again online censorship.

I’m giving half my ‘voice’ away and I invested my ‘voice’ in Domains, Hosting, and Ads. My own personal financial interpretation of Citizens Unites V FEC. Money = Speech.

My “voice” is asking Donald Trump what his credit score is since we can’t get his taxes. Legit. I have a petition. That’s what the intent of spending this money is intended to accomplish. A petty question, but the beginning of a platform.

My Citizens United “voice” so far has costs me $5,488.09, a good chunk of it advertising, as of January 26th, 2018 for my project that started on Christmas 2016. Half of this money is intended to help people, while the other half hopes to recoup the first half. That is the entire goal. Help all kinds, anyone the good, the bad, and the ugly. Spread my domains to the wind and let sunlight disinfect this siege of just nastiness by giving as many people as I can a method to communicate their own thoughts and voice.

Instead, not a single person has shown the courage in sharing this experience with me. I’m going to be using the contents of this website and my journals to create a book years from now. Tentatively known as “The Holy Thesis: free speech and quantum entanglement”.

Just think, for a moment, and have your epiphany. You could be a part of this story by breaking the ice and being the first to make use of one of my domains.

Or heck, just say Hey Dictator! I’m doing my best here, but I can’t do it alone.

the Dictator

Dictating Free Speech and Human

Whoever you are.

I haven’t posted in quite a while for two reasons. I feel like I have enough information already posted to garner some interest and second, the stories happening don’t make much sense when I change someone’s name to an alias. So, privacy for those people. This story requires few names, so I’m privacy policy in tact.

I’m back though to share something and it, just like all the other stuff, has happened and is completely true so help me God.

So down to it.

May 1st, 2022 I was driving home from Clinton, Mississippi. This was my first trip outside of the core shape of Todd Structure since it’s discovery. I love how music and life can relate to one another and this worked out swell. On the way home I started playing Geggy Tag — Whoever you are on YT Music and just as I did this 777 Car Tag appeared.

The Lyrics of Geggy Tag Whoever you are “You let me change lanes while I was driving in my car”. It’s about being polite on the road and the best number showed up, 777.

God will give me a fleece for confirmation and 8 minutes later I found 4257. 42 is Douglas Adam’s Hitch Hikers Guide and 57 is my Address in Space.  Confirmation Tag

We Fast forward to May 24th 2022 and I’m going through all my Prayer Initiation songs. These are songs I play to let God know I’m doing Thoughts and Prayers without having to tell him directly. These are songs like The Future Kings of Nowhere’s Like a Staring Contest; Jack’s Mannequin’s Hammer and Strings; Smashing Pumpkins Thirty Three, and now Geggy Tah Whoever you are. Low and Behold, I play Whoever you are again and I spot a … 777 car!

I was too excited to spot, much less photograph the confirmation. I promise you it was on the road that day. Whatever it was.

The above information is to demonstrate that I have a Unique ability to find Meta-Entanglements. There is much more information to share but until you can comprehend I can see the abnormal information, the rest is pointless.

I say all this to get to this. I have based a lot of my Philosophy teachings on the TV Show The Good Place. In it is a scene where the name Jeremy Bearimy is used to described the time line. I realize this is fiction, but he’s basically drawing a fictionalized version of the Todd Structure. There is a dot the i of the timeline and I have found my version of this dot at the Mississippi College of Symmetry. This is assuming I’m using the Dictator signature instead, so that the dot in the eye can exist.

July 4th we celebrate our Independence and the 10th Anniversary of the Higgs Boson. Let’s rejoice in the God Particle for it is Good!



Coincidence or Intent?

Mount Gay Rum was gotten at #42 Star Wine at the Place where I got Old Soul. See how the two are placed on the shelves? Mount Gay #42666 is Next to Don Q 7. Are the two humors connected by intent or coincidence? A total Eclipse of the Heart is spoken in the paper.



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