Finding the lightning strike

I spent all week wondering about the lightning strike I saw cross the sky when I left the March for Science last week. So I just had to go to Bienville Sq to see if I could find evidence of this lightning strike. I did find one tree that look like it had been striked sometime in the past, so I was a bit at a loss. But maybe it was dimensional skidding? Dimensional skidding is when an action is witnessed across multiple timelines with different results. Much like the hospital staff causing the staph infection.

Before going to the Square I talked to my dad about what I had intended to do. He said he understood, at one time he told me he had to travel 106 miles to go get a Steak. Says his story ended by the Steakhouse being closed, but eating the best roadkill rabbit he had ever eaten.

So off I go. I stop by a Circle K and asked the lady if she could up-changed me if I got $20’s from the ATM to a hundred. She said she didn’t have any $100’s to do it. So I give in and accept that I’ll just use $20’s. So I get a receipt and just before I start writing this I find the coincidence, I see that the timestamp was 2:51. I spent that $20 x 5 helping the homeless in the 251 area-code.

251 Time stamp
ATM Receipt with area code of where I spent the money as the timestamp.
$6.11 as the total. Time stamp 1:59:27 PM
I also like how the time rounded up some pi in it as well. That’s a nice touch life.

Now for the rest of the story, I’m horrible with names. So I either get it right or I pick an alias. Contact me if you’d like the name be updated.

As I arrived, I started by meeting an Wayne. He wanted a few bucks, I asked what he intended to do with it. Wayne wanted to buy some Vienna sausages. So I ask how we get that, he takes me to the convenience store next to the Square. He gets himself two cans and I tell him, go ahead, get what’s fair. He gets just the two cans of Vienna Sausages. I entrusted him to not take advantage of me and I think that’s what Wayne and I accomplished. Good day.

As I’m exiting the convenience store, I see Skeet! Skeet! was the blind man that hugged me during last week’s March for Science. I asked where he wanted to go, Skeet! was left alone on the street to spend the day. Had I or one of Skeets! many friends not been there, he would have to cross the street on his gut feeling since their is no audio on the crossing sign for him to hear.

We cross the street, his hand on my shoulder, and we sit down at a park bench. I tell him I’m here looking for evidence of a lightning strike. Skeet! tells me that the lightning is in my mind, not on some tree. I still looked for evidence of the lightning strike even after he said this; I must admit.

Skeet! is telling me that he feels blessed to have met me during the March for Science. The $20 I gave him lasted him until midday Sunday I believe. I tell him thank you and that I felt like my life was better off knowing him. He’s such a good man and has many friends. He has been left homeless, but through a network of friends Skeet! is never homeless.

Just as he expressed to me how I have blessed him a random stranger showed up to give Skeet! a hamburger helper burger. I tell him thank you and he asks if that’s enough, Skeet! says yes. The stranger walks off and I decide to start narrating what I’m seeing while he eats. Just as he was finishing the same stranger showed up and handed him a box with 2 more burgers, 2 bags of chips, and a bottle of water for later. Skeet! opened up those two burgers and went to town. He told me he hadn’t ate since 10:30pm the day before. This happened around 3:00 PM. I remember him saying he was so happy it wasn’t deer meat. It was real hamburger. I just have a bit of a snicker and think he’s nuts for not liking deer meat. It’s such a rarity for me, but then I realize he is likely living off  deer meat. So yes, I suppose hamburger would be better for variety.

Skeet! and I part ways and he goes onto venture through the day. I start looking up trees looking for evidence of my strike. I only find the one and it was aged.

Then the Canopy of Prayer Celebration Rally started putting things together. I didn’t realize I had shown up to an event. I just wanted to find that strike. I didn’t know I’d stick around because Skeet! showed up. But there they were, setting up a speaker system and a stage. I ask one of the people there if they were a decision making as for who could get me Mic time. I was referred to Fred. I decide to go wet my temples and on my way to the water a bible was laying out with a crease near the beginning pages. I pick it up and off I go to a bench to read it. I decide to read the beginning few pages and the last few pages. I could relate.

I end up seeing an IQ Test. So I go over and ask if I can test their test. See it if measured up to my standards. Jeffery preached and preached, he made a compelling argument, but I can’t bare to ask then why are funerals so sad? Jeffrey ended up telling me he attempted suicide 16 years ago and Jesus gave him hope. I am proud of him finding a manual to live life by. He has a lot of conviction.

As the Canopy of Prayer gets started I decide to round up all the homeless people and take them to Subway. I find 4, plenty to fill a table. Just as we arrive, I ask everyone to put in their order. Sylvester and Johnny go first, followed by Edward and Charles.  Someone with us had to go on his own after getting his Sandwich, this disappointed me, but luckily that’s when Winston showed up in his place. We all sat together, and in near silence we ate our sandwiches. Because, really, we were just hungry. Food is plentiful, no need to waste a prayer on it. As I finish up I goto the Square where Deborah speaks up and said she was ignored when I rounding up hungry people. I ask what she’d like and I went to get a chicken teriyaki 6″, lettuce, tomato, spinach, mayo, and some mustard on white flatbread. I had to recite the order back several times to make sure I had it right. She asked for a drink, but I was already holding my own drink and asked her if she really needed it. She had something to drink, so she was good. I appreciate it Deborah. Someone else got your drink.

As we finish up I get back to the Canopy of Prayer and I overhear them praying for Fred and his wife. Fred was the guy that was going to give me permission to speak. I let them finish their prayer. Then I ask a group, what happened to Fred. The first group says “Whose Fred?” I say “The guy you were praying for!” and They reply back that he’s fine. I ask another group for confirmation Fred is okay. A little later I ask, isn’t this a waste of a prayer? Pray for the homeless to be better off today than they were yesterday. That’s what a decent “atheist prayer” feels like; it’s what I’d pray for had I been invited.

I found a few coincidences to follow. Two white poodles and two white German Sheppard. I failed to follow them. I also spoke to Jeffrey who had a stye on his eye. I had one that spent my 20’s with me. It’s been gone for many years now, but I saw that in Jeffrey. Jeffrey found me on Facebook, but had no option to add as a friend. Just follow. I allow friends.

I spoke to Sergio, I overheard him speaking to someone saying the Sun just came out and made today beautiful. I felt like he knew what was happening and so we spoke. He gave me good advise. I appreciate Sergio.

When it becomes clear I won’t be talking I scatter the town, keeping close to the Square in case the opportunity for me to speak came. I spoke to whoever I could and at one point I met a guy with a radio and he asked me to meet him someone in ten minutes. I debate for a moment and try to clarify what he’s wanting to do with me. He never clarified, so I walked away and walked a little toward the direction and then back around. The man was no good. I avoided him. As I’m walking away I see him back on the radio.

At one point I feel like getting back to the square where I meet up with Sylvester, Winston, and Jasper. I’m done through my two quart bottles of water so Winston and I take an order and we goto the convenience store. Sylvester asks for a Steel Reserve, Jasper; open order. Winston got 3 steel reserves and he suggested the Arizona Mango since I didn’t want alcohol. I get a bag from the Cashier so I can pretend to be drinking alcohol if the cops show up. Add noise to the system.

We go back and I recall a man in red telling me to exercise more. Sir, you are right and as soon as my leg and foot heals up I’ll walk more. I have a blister on it from the March for Science. I’ll add a little more effort to it at your request. Thank you stranger.

In lieu of hanging out with Winston, Sylvester, and Jasper I decided to goto Wet Willies and get a drink. They were not familiar with the place, but it looked fancy. I took the offer of the Bartender. She recommended the Pink Flamingo / Miami Vice. I figure if it’s got two names, it must be twice as good. I start walking around and plundering. I go back to the park bench and I realize I need to goto the restroom after finishing the Pink Flamigo. I go back to the bar twice to goto the bathroom. On the 3rd I figure it’s time to buy another drink to justify my use of their bathroom. The parks restrooms close at 7pm, seems a bit early. Increasing rest room times could likely reduce crime because those to proud to pee in public are going to have to spend one too many dollars and go over the edge just a little bit. I sat inside the Bar with some ladies to enjoy my Attitude Improvement. I realize this is way more alcohol than I planned, so I cut my conversation short with the two ladies. They were enjoying a night cap.

I began walking the area more and plundering where ever looked Safe. Talking to anyone that seemed the slightest bit interested in conversation.

I walk around some more and on the way back Charles shows up and says he has a flat tire and his debit card won’t work at the gas station. I tell him I’m just about Charitied out for the night and he begins walking off. I stop him and ask he give me a moment while I reconcile how to fix this. He needs to go back toward the square to get to the gas station so as we’re walking I point out to him where the Dictator confessed to two homeless people. One named Crackhead Pete. He asked what that meant; I didn’t answer. I then walk him into the park where Winston was and asked Winston how to reconcile this dilemma. I asked Winston if he’d give up my Goodbye gift of 3 steel reserves in exchange for Charles’s Fix a flat. He agreed, so I dig through my wallet and found no $7.50 so I gave him a twenty and asked he use the remainder responsibly. He left the park.

I walk up and down the streets again.

I head back to the Square as I know Winston would love to finish this Attitude Improvement for me. I just couldn’t keep at it. He gladly accepts and I sit down with them for a little bit enjoying. While we’re enjoying the evening glow, I overhear a man hanging out next to a tree that asked where my sign was. I ask him how he knew about my sign. He says he was watching me in the background during the March for Science. I asked him his name I heard him say Devil. Devon, Then he gave me his real name. It was phonically close to Devil, so to protect his privacy he’s going by Devil in the remainder of this story.

He said how he recognized how powerful I was and was willing to offer any help. I gave him a hug thanking him for his support as I thought had little. He was then asking for my help, a family member was pregnant and anything would help. He asks I walk with him. So I do, but he wants me to take his contact info down as I realize I’m getting to far from the Square. I sit down and take his contact info. I take it, he says he’s going to go help his Family and ask I give anything I can offer. He will always take care of me if I ever need help. I tell him I believe I only have a few dollars in my wallet and offer him everything in my wallet so he can help his family member.  Out came $46, an extra $20 than I expected. I give it to him and go back to the Square.

When I get back to the Square this time, the Cops on Horse back show up. The lady cop recognized me and asked where my sign was. I explained I was only here to confirm a scientific theory that may have resulted in a lightning bolt the night of the March for Science. She gave me an unimpressive response, which is fine. It is hard to believe. My only proof I marched alone is the police report I had filed. Earlier in the day after arriving I had walked down to the police station to see about getting my police report. I was referred to records and asked if it was within walking distance. It was, but it was closed. So I told the lady cop I didn’t have any proof and implied this whole thing has been disappointing.

Jacob prayed with me earlier in the day offering his assistance to help me find the light. Jacob, “I found the light” by Johnny Cash started playing in my head afterwards. So when I saw the devil’s pretty eyes and nice teeth I knew I had seen the light and wanted something different.