Fake News, Citizens United, and Video

Dear US Citizen:

Pi Day was the day I transitioned from Citizens United efforts and switch to speech for speech. You know, the real deal. Citizens United efforts proved fruitless. I spent the following with little results:

Change.org: $30.00
Facebook: $21.88
Google: $214.86
Twitter: $80.00
Total: $346.74 USD

I have a message worth sharing, free speech to half. On Pi day I went to the Fake News and they are so oblivious to Dictator Trump they can’t see the story right in front of them. They do have my contact info, so once they get their heads out of the sand they’ll be able to contact me. I’m still going to be here.

There is also a video, I have possession of, showing the antics of the orange haired pervert enjoying the sort of thing only a Russian lady can provide. Haven’t quite decided how and when to release it. I might use it to get @realDonaldTrump‘s taxes. April 15th seems like a decent release date. Going to mull it over a bit more.


Dictator Trump

US Citizen