Changing the world, one domain at a time.

Dear US Citizen,

We no longer have to be consumers, instead let’s be creators!

I have spent many years trying to seize any opportunity to leave the world a better place than how I was born into it. I hopefully have many years left, so this is my shining moment. Many stars have had to align for this to occur. I appreciate the opportunity to serve and  I have made my best efforts to not violate any laws and be fair to all sides.

There are multiple sides to every discussion. Right, wrong, and indifferent. I am not a fan of Donald Trump, but what sparked this project was what I’m calling “Index Censorship” of a Pro-Trump forum on called “The_Donald”. For the record, I voted Bernie Sanders in the primaries and Gary Johnson in the election. They both seemed the most conscientious of anyone else running.

We are a very divided country. I have done my best to buy domains that represent both sides and will be providing domains to people and businesses that have opposing views from my own. It’s only fair. I do have more disappointing Trump domains than Pro, this only means I will have to find the best of those with opposing views.

My ideals, in no particular order.

  • Water: It’s uncalled for that there are places in the US without reliable clean water
  • Education: An educated society is a strong society.
    • Making Citizens more knowledgeable should not have profit motives.
  • Healthcare: No one should go bankrupt because they got sick.
  • Labor: People are more than consumers. They are creators, but they’re to tired to create on their own while trying to make ends meet.
    • Minimum wage has not increased to adjust to make a living. Just because someone assembles hamburgers for 40 hours a week is no reason they should live in poverty. This is just indentured servitude with extra steps.
  • Prisons: We are supposedly the most free, but have the highest incarceration rate in the world.
    • We should not profit off the punishment of others!
  • Energy: Enough Pipelines already! Where are the wind farms, solar panels, etc? We do not need to be increasing our pipeline capacity when we have little investment in renewables.
  • Cabinet: Our Presidential Cabinet is the richest it has ever been. They do not represent the majority.
  • Farming: Why is corn-fed hamburger meat cheaper than a nutritious salad? No wonder we’re overweight.
    • Farm subsidies need to be put toward nutritious foods.
  • Environment:
    • We’ll be leaving this behind to our children, let’s keep the place clean. No coal ash in streams.
  • Congress: Why does every politician vote with their party? Can they switch to voting their conscience?
    • I witnessed Marco Rubio chew out a Cabinet member and then proceeded to confirm.  He clearly didn’t vote his conscience.
  • Internet: The internet is quite clearly a public utility. Our country invented it, but yet we have failed to maintain it. Huge swaths of America do not have internet access and we have subpar speeds/reliability compared to other countries.
  • Mexican Wall: It will have a door and we depend on Mexico. Let’s be friendly.
  • Military: Why do we have the largest military in the world? Wouldn’t it be OK if we were just twice as big as the next largest military?
  • Guns: These are a necessary evil. The 2nd amendment must stand strong.
  • Religion: People think differently than you. I’m atheist and I support whatever helps you get through your life.
  • Veterans: These people served and they deserve respect and proper care when harmed.
  • Space: We are a speck in the grand scheme of things. Let’s explore it.
    • There is no longer anyone, not in their retirement age, that has stepped foot onto another celestial body.

I have 113 domains to spread evenly among those that agree and disagree with me while also recouping my investment by selling half to businesses that also agree / disagree with me. People will be angry, people will be joyous. Have faith, I’ll do my absolute best to help those in need so we can stop this seizure of power by those that do not represent us.

If I don’t have a domain that fits your needs, please take the time to find one that does and buy it to spread your message! I have done this so what I believed to be the “cream of the crop” is captured by me and distributed to those with articulate messages to spread. You could have done this yourself, you know?

Please goto and consider applying for a domain.

Best Regards,

Dictator Trump

US Citizen