Getting started

I’m Dictator Trump.

I won’t be getting my powers until January 20th, but I’m getting my thoughts together between now and then. This blog will be a public record of my thoughts as a proud new dictator. I’m going to do a great job for the people of America!

Initial thoughts

I’m considering my first action as Dictator Trump would be to raise employment immediately after taking office. Everyone receiving unemployment benefits will be given the option to put your skills to work by being assigned to an infrastructure improvement coordinator in your area. This coordinator will evaluate your skills and assign you a job that pays a living wage. I believe the citizens would find this as a satisfactory first move. I’ll just have to figure out how to convince congress to redirect funds from our over budget military to infrastructure improvements. Once we get good relations with the rest of the world, we’ll be able to move the jobs of our soldiers onto improvements into our local communities. We’re going to make America great again!

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