How do I give away half of my speech you ask?

DictatorTrump owns 90 domains across a variety of topics related to Donald Trump and the word “Trumped”.

These assets will have a voice for between 3 and 7 years even if it takes me a year to give them all away.

I intend to collect applications on both sides of the house, disappointed and proud. I will split half of them as eveningly balanced as possible.

When I get ready to sell, I’ll try to give a good distribution of ranges of businesses. News Media companies, Small Businesses, Reputation Defense, and Sole Proprietorship.

DictatorTrump is just a human though, so there will be a sell out option at a very high amount. I’m setting that with the  following formula:

((Lifetime Max Networth) – (DictatorTrump creator’s Networth)-$1,000,000.00 = Sell out

Once I disappear my creator will be able to make another million during his life, but it’d be nice to have that cushion.