But why do this?

This needs to be done because of what happened on Reddit.com to me. DictatorTrump was silenced on Reddit.com so I let out a yelp and bought several domains that seemed important.

What irks me is that the reason I signed up for reddit.com with DictatorTrump was so I can get speech to happen, not to make a troll about Donald Trump being a Dictator. DictatorTrump is the Dictator Of Online Censorship Prevention. I never got to say that though.

DictatorTrump logged in at 1/20/2017 02:27 EST
DictatorTrump logged in at 1/20/2017 02:27 EST

Inauguration Eve I realized it’s gotten even worse, I use to be just Shadow Banned on Reddit.com, now my username is not found when I’m not signed in.




DictatorTrump is 404'd if he's not signed in.
Logged out 1/20/2017 02:28 EST

DictatorTrump’s creator is not pro-trump, but what sparked the creation of me was hearing of Censorship in The_Donald.  I realized indexing is an important part of Free Speech