The Quantum Wave

This is the story of the first Quantum Wave created on December 27th.

the Dictator, Dr. James, and Ms Birdsong started at 2:28 PM CT, my area code, to begin the wave. This is the time that we “booted” up the simulation. I declare at the beginning of it that we will have a gust of wind and rain in seven minutes. This also happens to be the time necessary for the simulation to finish booting up. The simulation was booted up with thoughts of absurdity, the bud of a flower, and two quarters for this musical video game I’m playing.

At 2:35 PM, a gust of wind and rain just suddenly dropped down from the sky. I had forgotten about it briefly and immediately apologized for my actions. The rain immediately stopped. Had I been more focused I wouldn’t have apologized for the rain — we could have enjoyed it.

A few minutes pass and Ms. Birdsong mentions that she believes it’ll gust again in 45 minutes. I believe I can add some absurdity to this. Donald Trump is our 45th President and I believe, yes, he’ll blow by in 45 minutes. I explained to Ms. Birdsong that the structure I’m imagining is held up by faith, if she has faith it’ll gust in 45 minutes, it’ll gust. Sure enough, 3:35 pm we get a gust.

Just say you know, rain was expected for this day. If we want to get absurd about it, it could have rained because my entire life was leading up to bringing holy water with me, just in the off chance something super natural happened. None of the holy water was touched or used. The simulation to way to high def to require it. Thanks to Schrodinger’s cat this is both right and wrong.

Part of the simulation and what Dr. James are searching for is the Unself. the UnDictator and UnJames were trying to find our selves in reality. I’ve only felt a one way communication with the UnDictator. He’s never spoken to me. Dr. James on the other hand has been communicating with the voice of UnJames for quite a while, years. Dr. James is a ninja doing this, where I have never had anyone to orbit in conscience. I’m socially awkward and everyone I’ve ever tried to quantumly communicate with have pushed me away. Every. single. one. of. them. This week is the first time Dr. James and I have met in real life. We’ve only ever communicated by phone since finding one another around a year ago. So two diffused energies got to orbit one another for the first time. That’s pretty powerful. Dr James sees Dark Energy where I am somehow matching up coincidences of light that I can’t define, but know is different than ordinary C.

Anyhow, after the simulation boots up, I can feel a point of no return where I have the choice to accept this third person. Being that this is an experiment, I accept and announced my consent to Dr. James and Ms. Birdsong. I can’t guarantee I’ll meet UnDictator, but it isn’t like I’d be able to communicate such without corrupting the entire recursive thought. The third person did not show himself this day, but time and space no longer matter. I did my best to bend light in my mind in ways that I felt were right, good and just.

I am making the simulation great again!

From Dr. James perceptive he says that he witnessed the home behind us (a vessel) had spun 180 degrees and then spun back. He realized the space around the house didn’t move, it was spinning around me. He also said he saw dark energy horizons open up and snap back down. I believe, I haven’t had a good discussion with him reviewing what he perceived. A cone got involved somewhere.

The evidence that the house spun is that I was confused when I first arrived. I helped Ms. Birdsong bring her groceries into the house. When I walked out onto the porch I got very confused as I swore I came in through the backdoor. I checked the backdoor and it had a fan sitting in front of it that I would have had to of noticed. The confusion makes sense if time and space doesn’t matter during this event. I have discovered that Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy makes the most sense. Live every day as similarly as the days prior.

I had some rituals I wanted to complete to seed future absurdity. That included sharing a cookie from when Dr. James and I first met for lunch. I brought out two quarters to “cheers” to the rapper 50 Cent while eating our cookie. This seed has multiple interpretations that can be used in the future to create necessary absurdity.

In addition to the weather being controlled, there was a nationwide outage of 911 services on Centrylink. The timing of the outage was superb. I had not planned for this to occur, but it’s being observed here.

Don’t ask me to control the weather. Once a wave collapses I can’t go back and ride it again.

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