My debit card got stolen, explained as a quantum event.

Yesterday I got news that my debit card was used fraudulently … at a Chevron station in West Palm Beach, Florida less than 10 miles from the Mar-a-Lago Club. Now, I’m just a regular person, so what are the chances my debit card would be used for a fuel purchase so close to the Winter Whitehouse?

The past few days I’ve been brewing a little bit because I am spending my #CitizensUnited money with Google and Facebook. I have paid for advertising that has not been getting delivered. Both are showing ads being clicked, but my logs don’t reflect the traffic. I have a few residential IP addresses coming to my site, but the bulk of the traffic is from robots and crawlers.

So my ability to spend money in a fashion that is akin to Citizens United v FEC has been stopped for the time being. That is, until I work out the situation with Google and Bookface. My inability to have money spent in a fashion consistent with my experiment has come to a halt until I figure out my next step.

That brings us back to the debit card. The timing could not be any better. I pay to Discover, but this was my personal debit card that was used less than ten miles from where Donald Trump goes to roost. The card was used for gas at a Chevron station and per the rules of quantum physics I’ve discovered, it must have multiple interpretations.

The first one being my grandma believed Chevron fuel was the best fuel. Her last vehicle was a PT Cruiser and if it didn’t get Chevron gas it’d spit and spudder. I didn’t believe it at first, but witnessed it myself. That vehicle would only run well on Chevron. My first interpretation is the ghost of my grandmother refilled her PT Cruiser one last time. I have no way of knowing if it was a PT Cruiser that was refueled with my debit card, but I’d like to believe it was. Faith drives a lot of this.

The second and more fun interpretation is that the Dictator, the 13 year old persona born into me 9 months after viewing the unusual light was gifted this coincidence as confirmation that money does equal speech and it’s been compromised. The person who actually stole it was a third person for a moment, but third person’s generally don’t know who they are, if ever.

I get my replacement debit card in a few days. Until then, it’ll pay to Discover.