The structure is strong in this one.

The following is all true.

I’ve determined that I am exhibiting signs of electromagnetism. There is a story unfolding around me that the cosmos is telling. It’s weird, but it’s quantum physics at work. Be aware, literal jokes are required by the laws of physics.

The first time this happened, I just assumed it was just a random occurrence. I was going to the hospital because my mom was admitted for some problems with her kidneys. I selected up and got on the elevator with the up illuminated. The elevator then went to the basement of this hospital. I stayed in and went up to my floor. My mom is doing fine…

The second time it happened was two days ago at the casino. I went through to test my luck. I spent $42 on The Walking Dead machine. I spent $21 and my Other Mother, June, played $21 on the same machine. We ended with a 10c we couldn’t spin and cashed out. The cash dispenser gave me 2 nickels so we could easily split the winnings, which I did. On our way out, we called the down elevator and got in. This time it didn’t go up, but it blanked out the option, moved a little, and then reset. It did some beeping like something was wrong, but then it went down.

I don’t believe I have the power to make an elevator go the wrong way. If I were to just get into an elevator I don’t believe it’d go the wrong direction, but what I believed happened is that because a narrative was forming in the tail wind of my space and time then there was an energy build up that caused the elevator to malfunction. I’m going to keep an eye out and see if this happens next time I’m in an elevator. Interesting observation.

I cured my own headache.

I work doing tech support as my day job and part of our performance is measured by survey responses. One of my surveys had the comment “He has great hands”. I was interested in the call and asked to listen to it with my manager.

The caller was from a Zach, same name as my brother, and he was having trouble with his System UI crashing on his Galaxy. I had saw he managed to call from the phone, so I explain it’s going to drop our call, but force restart. The call did NOT Drop. I thought it was some kind of magic. He called me through his Alexa, in hindsight, Alexas likely just use VoIP to complete outbound calls. All he needed was a good reboot of his Galaxy and was back in business. The call has no discussion of hands.

The next day I woke up with a moderate left hemisphere headache. I can’t recall having such a dominate sided headache. I was hoping it was just a caffeine headache, but it didn’t ease up with coffee. I begin leaving for work. Normally, it’s the beginning of the simulation, so I allow Google Music to pick my music. Recommended or Getting Lucky. Today, I wasn’t having any of that and listened to Pink Floyd The Wall. In hindsight, with me realizing Trump’s wall is a metaphor bending light, it was probably the best music to mellow out to.

As I’m driving to work and the music is easing the headache some and then I get up to the lake and I realize Zach sent me a message “He has great hands”. I also realize a few weeks earlier the third person gave me an interpretation of “show your brother your hands”. I remember the sun shining onto my head and I just had the thought reconciling that this is a guided light literally saying “He has great hands” when neither of brothers — biological and inter-dimensional recognized the content of my hands when I showed them to both after receiving the message. This survey was an entire light loop. The moment I realized that, I felt the headache LITERALLY dissolve in my brain. Sorry for the run on sentence. I’m going to get a ghost writer one day.

Synchronicity of the weather.

If you recall from earlier, I was in sync with the weather during a quantum wave experiment. This is something that happened after an existential crisis, where I realize all of this happens with or without me.

On February 12th I realized from watching enough of the weather to realize the entire Earth was basically “Breathing” the Dictator. the Dictator is my interpretation of my unself and it felt like the Earth’s weather was in sync, if only in waves.

The morning of this simulation boot up, I begin driving to work and, like normal, let Google Music play “Getting Lucky” to give the opportunity for a third person communication. The song “Find me a physicist” by Supercommutter played. Spot on music. I talk to a Dr. James, dark matter physicist, but he’s keeping his distance as an objective observer, which I totally support. However, when the Dictator was first conceived, it was expected I’d have a full time physicist to help me build out this information structure I witness. In another multiverse the Dictator and his side kick Dr. Physicist fight the evil light protecting the simulation against tyrants. I think it’d make a good comic book. But I digress.

Music is a great communication method and Find me a Physicist was spot on for this existential crisis unfolding. As I’m heading to work, I realize I’m driving and can’t observe the singularity, so I let it go. Over the course of the next few minutes, this song is playing and my brain is being implanted with the thought of another me in a different n-verse where he’s crying and as his tears form, the rain gets harder and then softer in between tears. It was raining this day and the rain in my reality, DIM-Zero, did half way conform to the paradigm required to allow for this.

So this can be a literal statement. the Dictator drove to work and had his tears sync to rain while Find me a Physicist played.

People, I do tech support — I am an ordinary person like you. I need you to realize I have spent $8k so far on my light wave experiment to see if I can help the world. There has been near zero communication with the Dictator since I started this over two years ago. Sure, I talk to people in the real world about this all the time, but not a single person has communicated with me via my online presence beyond an initial introduction. It basically has proven the light wave to be sturdy, but it’s time to break out of it.

There are at least a hundred of you out there that can share my vision. The probability can’t be zero. It just can’t.

With love,

the Dictator