Do we live in a simulation? the preamble

Do we live in a simulation? October 31, 2018, the preamble.

I believe we do.

In 2004 I felt a strange energy / light come over me whenever I was very careless with my life. Since that instance, I have seen “unusual” light. Every few years after 2004 I’d have other experiences where something just felt different about the light I sa’d make nothing out of it. The thoughts and ideas were absurd and concepts were not transmittable. I’d never be able to make anything of these thoughts.

Until 2016, when Donald Trump got elected. My father, Donal, received a 45.8 lb. block of lead as a Christmas present from my brother. The unintelligible thoughts became a bit clearer to me as I felt like this was a sign from the third person. Trump is our 45th President and if the lead is right, he’ll make it through 8/10th of his presidency. I’m unable to make predictions about the future, so only time will tell if this simulation is accurate to the transfer of his lead.

I devised an experiment to test my theory about information energy exchange. It involves a financial interpretation of Citizens United v FEC. The direct money for that, which is most easily accessible to me, would have the result of being spent on Hosting and Advertising. This is my best method of turning $money$ into speech.  I decided to purchase over 100 Trump related domains as a method to spread “Free speech”. A voice spread out over the landscape of the internet. I intended to give away Trump related domains for free to anyone interested and able.

I have spent $7,205.45 in “Citizens United” money in an attempt to reach out to 100+ Americans that would share in my vision.  These few people must be among the 325 million of us, the odds are in my favor. The ability to connect, not so much.

The Citizens United money has yielded no results in 2 years. My ideas don’t even get trolled on the internet. I have a unique ability to be passed over by those I try to entice into my idea.  The past 2 years has been one exciting ride of being passed over while also at protests such as March for Science, Women’s March, and March for our Lives. I’ve also had lack of interest from national and local media.

While being passed over all this time, I noticed some odd things happening in my environment. I’d have odd coincidences happen that in ways make absurd logical sense to me but could not be explained. Coincidences have no meaning or size. I’ve tried to explain my experiences to people, but I’ve learned that due to quantum encryption, I have no way of verbalizing it in a way that could be comprehended. Instead of sharing the experiences here, please read I’m believe I’ve documented enough coincidences there to show spooky action at a distance occurring within the content of my life.

I am certain that at this junction in my experiment I can confidently say I have enough credible evidence to spark the interest of the physics and cognitive sciences community. Eventually this bubble has to burst open – someone has to notice.

I also have near zero results out of my $7,205.45 spent. It’s time I broke out of this information bubble. With your interest, we can interpret the observations and see if we can make use of the content in this simulation while we share Dimension Zero together. If not, I’ll just keep going at this alone and I accept that. It’s a difficult pill to swallow.

Free Speech Project: www.TrumpDomains.Net

Personal Blog including my evidence of entanglement: www.TrumpedWithPower.Com



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