Women’s March

Last updated 1/21/2018 8:06 PM ET, not actively writing, but not finished either.

The start of the Women’s March since had many coincidences. I’ll list my favorites at the end since they aren’t the focus of this article.

Google Music “Getting Lucky” set Miracle (USA Extended Mix) by Cascada as the defining music and I thought it was pretty much an accurate statement. I’m going to need a miracle to pull off getting anyone to understand me. I’ve going to admit to targeting Progressives and Liberals more so than other groups. That’s the bulk of the March for Science people and this Women’s March. I haven’t been to a Pro Trump rally yet, but if I don’t get any of these domains moving and in use I’ll start showing up at Pro Trump rallies. Maybe they’ll be more accepting and willing to speak to me. After all, they do have a sense of seeing the future better than democrats, otherwise gerrymandering wouldn’t be so sophisticated.

When I got there, I thought we’d be marching at noon. I didn’t realize there was a speaker rally ahead of time. I had initially wanted to get started at solar noon. I thought it’d be a good time to start as it would have been the exact one year anniversary to my inauguration. At 12:11 PM CT the March had not started. So that was a non-starter.

Several people spoke to me. The first being older lady wanting to take my picture with sign. I have one picture of me at the March, provided by a friend. Here it is

Dictator at Women’s March New Orleans, LA 2018

Several people took my picture. A few asked me what my sign meant and I tried to explain “Free Speech” being Domains that I own and intend to give away. I believe it only “clicked” with two people, but I hope more realize it in hindsight. I’ve looked online for my sign and me; I tried really hard to get caught by as many cameras as I could. However, just like March for Science, I’m sure I had a certain level of invisibility over me while I marched. Time will tell if I show up on social media. I didn’t see any Mainstream Media. Last time, at the March for Science, I only found one image of me and it was at the forty-two second mark on a video made by WKRG in Mobile, Alabama. Douglas Adams, come through for me again, am I right?

Just before the March got started I decided to sit down and chill for a few minutes. I sat down and I’ll be darned if I don’t have a garment failure on my new pair of Dockers. The crotch just ripped right open. Afterwards I went to the porta-potty and checked. Luckily, I had blue underwear on under my black pants. Maybe no one will notice. I did have a spare pair of pants out in the car, but felt okay going along with the failed pair of pants. The March was about to start and I couldn’t be late to it.

During the March a homeless person was on the sidelines with a sign asking for money. I stopped and came over to him. Told him I normally only feed people, but I was in a March and could only financially help him. So I gave him the first bill I came across, a twenty, to him. He was grateful and I got back into the March. I couldn’t let him go ignored.

I had intended to March with my friend Nicole, but we could never find each other and we apparently both had delayed text messages so I gave up and we marched separately. I started coming to terms with not seeing Nicole any during the March. Just as that thought appeared in my head, Nicole popped up next to me! We startled each other actually. She took a lot of pictures and had left her sign behind. I’m glad she came, as she was the only person I knew at the March. When we got towards the end of the March and was rallying around the Pavillion at Duncan Plaza Nicole decided to split. I on the other hand had more to do.

After the March I knew I had to get these citizens to come across and understand what I was doing. So I marched around Duncan Plaza and stopped for anyone that seemed the least bit interested. Three young ladies pointed at me and said “That’s him!” and wanted to get a picture of me. Not with me, just of me. I hope they check out the site and come to read this and share what I’m doing. That tickled me. Another lady called me over, but followed up with “Oh, I thought you were a good guy”. I explained I’m trying to help people speak their own minds and she nodded me away.

I sat down for a bit on the lawn and was approached by an advocate against the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. I heard her arguments and they were quite sound to me. We should be weaning ourselves off oil by building renewable energy infrastructure rather than additional fossil fuel infrastructure. Regardless of what you think, there can only be a finite amount of fossil fuels in Earth’s crust so we might as well gradually convert now and think about generations down the road. I took a button from her and a pamphlet. The button is now on my sun bleached jacket that I love so much.

The next person to approach me was a lady from Planned Parenthood. She told me about what’s happening in Louisiana and the other Gulf States in regards to Planned Parenthood funding and the services they offer to women. She sounded so scripted, but I let her finish and then she asked me for a donation. Unfortunately she only took debit / credit card. I had cashed out $200 spending money for spending and was only going to spend from that allotment. I apologized that I couldn’t donate.

Right after that happened, a black guy in a red shirt came over to me asking for cancer. I offered him an American Spirit Blue and joked I was literally smoking the American Spirit. I haven’t smoked since Christmas, but did smoke three cigarettes to steady my nerves during the event. This black guy, Robert, explains to me he’s homeless and he was curious what Donald Trump did to make all these women’s angry. I asked him if he was serious and he had replied that he did not watch any TV. So I told him that Donald Trump grabs women by the pussy. He seriously had not heard about the Access Hollywood / Billy Bush video. Anyhow, he agreed they should be angry. We settled into smoking cancer together and he asked if he could hold onto two bucks. I seriously asked him if he had intended to give it back and he said no, he’d actually be keeping it. I gave him the two bucks while Planned Parenthood lady was still there. She thanks me for my time and moved onto ask others for money. Maybe the homeless should start accepting credit cards. It appeared to be working well for her.

Robert told me that his mother was a mathematician at Cape Kennedy Florida. I thought that was pretty cool. I may have just met a descendant of one of the people referenced in “Hidden Figures”. We were both practically invisible so that seemed like a great coincidental title. He showed me a Biloxi Lighthouse bracelet he had while talking about where he’s from. I told him about the angels that showed up randomly a while back at the Biloxi Lighthouse. Robert was my unknown angel at the Women’s March.

I told him I had to get my sign seen so we parted ways and I marched around the others still at the rally after the marchers had left. Hoping to get more response. I may have gotten a nod or two, but no one else engaged with me. One lady in very colorful pants did tell me my sign was ambiguous about whether it was anti or pro Donald Trump. I can understand that, because it was kinda meant that way. I want to be as fair to all sides as possible and it needed to be a well made sign built to march with at any kind of March. I spent close to $100 making this sign and a backup, so yeah, it’s ambidextrous.

With my feeling that this rally had run it’s course, the rain started moments later. Just a sprinkle, enough to close out the rest of the crowd. It was when the music was about to get started after the speakers were finished. The vast majority of the crowd dispersed and I started my way to the car. It stopped raining when I got about half way to my car. Very polite weather, thank you mother nature.

That’s the end of the March. I got a bite to eat at the casino buffet and checked my luck. I have a theory about luck and Harrah’s New Orleans doesn’t qualify under my interpretation of luck. I can’t do my next test of luck for a while, so I only threw away a little cash gambling casino only because I could since the March didn’t cost me much.

Hindsight… I used a walking dead blanket to cover my backup “free speech to half sign” in my car. It has a picture of Rick holding a gun. Had things gone wildly different if would have been a punny find for someone.