Inauguration day

I got inaugurated today at 12:19 PM EST, 1/20/2017. It was with little fanfare as I slept next to my pussycat until I woke up a few hours later.

Now that we’re past this and I have come to power, I must start showing my Dictatorship Intentions.

I intend to give away 1/2 of my Speech assets and hopefully disappear into the life of part time work until I’m no longer interested. I just want to be proud of something. This, will be my legacy, these pages.

DictatorTrump has a voice and he’s giving away one-half of it and converting other half into cash for his creator.

As some people have not quite understood the name DictatorTrump, my sister TrumpDomains, will be handling the transition of 1/2 of my speech assets. She and she alone will pass along my voice assets in a blind trust. I will not know how she distributes the Domains I own among the US Citizens.

However, I’ve been so disappointed, today on my way to the pet store, I saw a homeless man at the corner; his Tent folded up next to him. I gave him $20 and an offer of conversation at the McFast Food Facility. I told him I was going to park and I’ll meet him inside. 5 Minutes pass and no show. I got my pet supplies and came back. No conversation. I can’t even buy conversation in America. Only Russia has listened in any significant volume to my part of the conversation.

Maybe that man just needed better Food? I missed that opportunity to speak with a large population of people in America.

I’m going to start a new page.