I’m disappointed.

Dear US Citizens,

I figured by now I’d be corresponding with at least a handful of US Citizens  negotiating for taking over my domains.

The first that applied is a Canadian, he broke the ice, I had him wait a period of time to allow for a policy change to expand to North America. The domain thetrumpedupnews.com. He seems to be making it into a WordPress Blog, says he wants to aggregate Donald Trump news eventually. He seemed pretty determined to speak about soft wood and dairy. He was delayed in starting up due family. Very reasonable. When we spoke on the phone, he verified with his accent that he was quite clearly Canadian.

The second, a request to speak on trumpedupeconomy.com about the Justice department’s handling of marijuana use. I replied, no response. No domain transferred.

My third, a request to use trumpedtwitter.com that seemed like a redundant request, as the individual already had a decent domain already built. I replied twice, no response. No domain transferred.

One domain has been transferred. I’m just not sure why I am so far behind.

I have spent the following in Advertising:

  • Google: $319.93
  • Facebook: $64.83 (Closed account)
  • Twitter: $300
  • Total: $684.76

Still, just a couple bites, but nothing serious yet.

So, yeah, I’m disappointed.