Summary Update

Dear US Citizens,

I have not made an update in a while. Mainly due to lack of activity on My advertising dollars just don’t seem to be accomplishing what they use to. Previously the use of “Citizens United” dollars would generate response I could recognize in the real world. It was mainly how I felt about the real world, but it felt like it made a slight difference. Not reaching anyone in particular, but I was shifting the minds of people who got a glance at what Dictator was doing.

That spending of money, to stick a thought into someone’s mind, was enough to edge my project on. I felt like I was making progress. Until recently. I have seen a drop in being able to recognize that feeling.

I do my part occasionally by doing a random act of kindness. It feels like I’m spreading love to the wind when I help a random stranger. It feels good.

Anyhow. Lately, I haven’t been feeling that.

I thought by now someone would care. Surely out of population of 323.1 Million there has to be more than a 100 people interested in these domains or even the strange physics activity. My advertising dollars haven’t brought them in. The several hundred that stumble on the domains daily would yield at least a few interested parties to contact me.

I know what I’m doing is radical, but I can help people.

And surely, I think I may have evidence of quantum entanglement. Maybe not, who knows. It’s worth a discussion, because some of that stuff is just weird. And it really did happen.

I’m getting to the end of how far Citizens United money can go before it requires a response.