Unanswered Prayers?

Dear People,

I’ve had some strange technical problems recently and they always happen when I figure out a new feature in this Matrix. It took me a while to realize that these are ghost connections.

Last night I connected that this PDF exploit would be the coincidence leading from faith. So I shut down all apps on my PC and just listened to music and thought about ways to get some outreach. While it was Idling a PDF exploit virus would write to my mail folder triggering Defender.

Here are the logs, I can’t read the email’s contents, so this is the best I can do at recursion reduction.

Prayers, this is as good as it gets for now. I’m wanting to start fresh.


Updated 10/20/2017

Last night I realized a Phantom had visited here, while documenting this had happened, Windows Defender crashed. I got a message saying it had stopped working. On review, it had restarted on it’s own. I haven’t had a pdf exploit strike since August 3rd 2017. It’s pointless, coincidences don’t hold any significance, but it’s fun to collect them.