Dimensional Skidding Evidence

I got evidence on Mother’s Day of what I describe as a “Dimensional Skid”.

The first time I learned of Dimensional Skids was when I realized the spread of Staph infections while at the Hospital. I had just learned the meaning of life and Staph Infection was my first witness of a “Dimensional Skid”.

My first glimpse of a “Ghost Coincidences” which I recall seeing was a vehicle wreck near a Small Town Bank. I didn’t realize until today I had felt an occurrence of it when I accidentally hit the Mailbox at our home while checking the mail back in 2004. I had just got my new Maroon sedan and one of the first time I was checking mail, I got just a little to close to the mailbox. Leaving a nice section of scraped up paint right in the center. I remember being so angry at myself, it being only a few weeks old. I got irritated every time I saw that scratched paint.

Today, by sheer coincidence on Mother’s Day, this was near the mailbox. There is no damage to the mailbox, but there is broken mirror glass. I’m pretty sure it just fell off while passing by.

Either way, this is physical evidence of a Dimensional Skid. The hole is the entire section where I recall the paint being scraped off on the maroon vehicle. My first one was this grayish shade, faded from age.


Broken mirror found near mailbox on Mothers day.


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