I’m working part time for the people.

Dear US Citizen:

Watching TV today I realized you might not think I’m going to do a good job. Well, you should know that I have been working on this every weekday night for at least 30 minutes and 8+ hours on my days off. Handling either technical issues or figuring out how to spread my message of peace.

Please know that once I begin with negotiations on domain applications, I’ll do it just as vigorously as I have while creating this monster of speech.  My creator does have a full time job, and has dedicated about 6-8 hours on all but one weekend since the idea’s inception shortly after November 20th.

I absolutely promise to continue doing this at minimum 8 hours/week and more if necessary. I’m in this to the end.

I’ll tell you this. I won’t be watching TV while I focus on this. Music, yeah. TV, no.

Please consider involving yourself to Make America Great Again!*

Dictator Trump
Biggly Leader of the United States of America

*Make America Great Again is the chosen tagline, don’t make a big deal.