Update address

Dear Citizens,

Dictator Trump is trying to update my address on the White House Wikipedia page. I logged in and went to the Talk page to discuss with the admins about updating the address to Washington, New Columbia 20500 from Washington, DC.

Immediately, my White House talk discussion was reversed and DictatorTrump got banned.

I have been shadow banned on reddit.com, Facebook is giving me trouble speaking (we’re working it out), and now Wikipedia has banned me.

This is the latest in my speech being silenced. I’m only asking to haveĀ  address on the White House page updated to represent what the people have voted for, New Columbia.

To my people, Would you be do kind as to go to the White House:Talk page and discuss if the people would like the address to be reflective of where it really is located.

With Love,

Dictator Trump
Biggly Leader of the United States of America