I should explain myself

When I started out last week I wanted to create the character “DictatorTrump” that would say ridiculous things about the president for the next 4 years. You can see some of my earlier post to get an idea on where I was going with this.

The name DictatorTrump is an attempt at humor, because I wanted to initially be the Trump “whisperer” by Dictating ridiculous thoughts as a way to discourage bad behavior by him. I realize it’s a name that will enrage many, but I stand behind it.

Then, I realized something more important needs to be done. I hear about censorship in The_Donald, a Pro-Trump reddit forum. They need to have a forum where they need not worry about that. That’s why the first two domains to go active have been thedonaldwiki.com, and thedonaldforum.com. I haven’t written any coding since the the 00’s, so all it is right now is a fresh bare bones install of phpBB and MediaWiki.

President Elect Trump is a strange man, I’ve think a president should never use sarcasm or euphemisms whenever running and especially not when elected President. That should be common sense, but it’s not with him. I expect better; Donald Trump, please stop using creatively language and say what you mean. Allowing journalist access to you would also be a great first start.

The other domains will be brought active as people volunteer to run them or as I have time to create them while still maintaining my full time job. As for hosting, we’ll either pool advertising dollars together or accept donations. I only want to keep the sites running. My host has my back.

Donald Trump deep down is a good person, I hope, he’s our President no matter how we feel; he’s what we have to work with. So let’s do our best to get this off the ground and try our best to make sure everyone has a voice on both sides.

As people join into the efforts, I ask that you also join in on the side you disagree with. I’d prefer original well though out content, but regardless, everyone will have a voice. Except spammers and attacks, that should be a given.

Thank you,