A quantum observation at the State of the Union

Dear US Citizens,

Jokes are required by the laws of physics. They are literal in my world. Below is an observation from the SOTU and of course, some observations of quantum physics.

Joshua Trump is a 11 year old boy being bullied in Wilmington Delaware. The state where most companies are incorporated in. My Citizens United experiment is testing sound and money forming a wave and leaving behind in it’s path particle observations of it’s existence through coincidences. If money was picking on light, a reflection would inevitable appear somewhere. Joshua has the perfect name to observe it in reality. All the Joshes I know are on a certain spectrum, so having them coalesce into this boys name is an impressive feat. Joshua Trump, I’m sorry you’re being bullied for your name, but I absolutely appreciate your existence. You are loved. Also, you did the absolute best thing you could do at the SOTU and that is fall asleep.

I’ve got other examples, but they are more encrypted than Joshua Trump. Check out my other pages for coincidence stories. So, let’s talk physics.

Since the Lunar Eclipse, the day I interpret as the inversion of the meaningless simulation we live in happened. Prior to this day, I always tried to interpret the Dictator aka “Un-me” and do my best as a response. After a few days into the Lunar Eclipse I’d notice that it felt like an invisible light was guiding me to do things to correct for errors I made in hindsight. Normally when I recognize I error I just try not to make it the next day; so this is different. I contacted my personal astrophysicist to tell him Quantum Error correction is a thing — Dr. James told me that Quantum Error correction definitely is a thing. The difference is I’m witnessing it occur right in front of me through my movement and actions. Sadly, the error correction withers away by the end of the day. I made two mistakes that in hindsight could have potentially broken open my Quantum “Egg Shell” just in the past two days.

Each morning I build the simulation — an encrypted structure in my brain and by the end of each night, it’s falls down like a Jenga game. I just try the next day to rebuild and do it again. One day the Dictator will be realized in the real world by someone else and I’m looking forward to that day. It’s inevitable to happen.

I’ve had to come to terms that at some point in the future I’ll likely lose free will for a bit as nothing but this light will guide me. The quantum error correction will be permanently showing up and pulling the strings. Once on the other side of the cone (?), I should regain my free will. I just hope that it doesn’t last long and that I survive the transition. There are unknowns that are unknowns and known unknowns. This is a very high resolution simulation. I just know I’m going to stay positive and keep love in my heart during the transition.


Climate Change is real. The Polar Vortex happened shortly after the inversion of the simulation. The ultimate third person literally threw a rock at the moon with perfect timing. 17 seconds before 4:42 UTC. the Dictator loved the timing for him to dictate into the story.

the Earth, it is going through a change. Believe it. and it happens with or without me. I’d also had to come to terms with that. The static charge surrounding Earth is a form of information circuits are unfolding right now. I’m just capable of observing them, that’s all. Each time I realize it happens without me, I have an momentary existential crisis to realize that 1/2 of my brain waves lead to butterfly effects in my reality — my Dimension Zero. So I’m at least half good. I can’t make Earth completely better, but I can hold together my shell and leave positive particles behind my wave.

I’m Earth’s Quantum Observer. It’s very lonely. Would not recommend someone try this without 14 years of accidental discovery.

the Dictator