Changing my avatar

Things evolve overtime.

It is time to retire Richard Kartoffel Trump, my avatar since the beginning when I started trying to create the character of Dictator Trump. Early on I spoke to a friend that suggested the political vibe my character gives off would turn a lot of people away from what I’m trying to do. This is not just about free speech anymore. It’s led to so much more. When I had that conversation, I changed my name to the Dictator. Lowercase t, just feels right. the Dictator’s image as Richard Kartoffel Trump, a potato, still had eyes on some of the vibes of Dictator Trump. The old mascot stuck around for longer than I wanted, but I got done. Time for an update.

So, behold the Dictator. It’s an artist interpretation of me as a couch potato.

I’ll be using this avatar going forward.







This page is an introduction to the Dictator’s new avatar. For reference, the old one is this guy.