The March for Science Parade

Dear US Citizen,

I write here today, April 28th, 2018, to document my recent trip to The March for Science in Cell Phone Alabama. It was two weeks ago, but got rained out and redone as a parade today.

When I left this morning I stopped at Raceway and saw the lady that, last we spoke, I was telling her about a time traveler in Casper, WY. She said since then she has had hernia surgery and was back at work. I purchased Evian Water and Smart Water. I was going to be either Smart or naïve. I’ll have to figure that out later. The price $4.58. She had mentioned likely my shirt, it’s a Venn Diagram of 42. I hand her a five and pay, she gives me $0.42 change. I said Look! And she didn’t recognize it. So I pointed to my shirt and said you gave me 42 Cents! She said it must be a sign, but we don’t know the question? I just said “it’s a Race … Way. ” She laughed and I leave. Whenever I got outside I noticed the Way was missing from the Raceway sign. Sure enough she’s right, it maybe a race, but we have definitely lost out way. It was being shown forth in the Dictation. I was able to write this and can say it actually happened.

I made it to the March for Science at 8:41 AM per my parking receipt. One minute shy of binary life.

My next stop was to get some Rolaids. When people have passed bad energy onto me, I feel a sour stomach. I wasn’t going to have these scientists give me indigestion. I took two when I got them. I did not need anymore for the rest of the parade. Everyone was friendly, but it requires an information transfer to acidify my stomach and that didn’t take place as far as my gut could tell. I was prepared people!

When I arrived at Bienville Square I met with Paul, a man on the streets, that asked to have a cigarette. I told him I only had American Spirits and he said if it had a filter on it, he’d smoke it.  I told him about what I’m doing and we talked about him. His name is backwards, his father has swapped First / Middle name. He went on about the naming of his family and it appeared to me that with a great grandpa named R.A. Literally, R.A, that his family didn’t put much thought in names. But Paul, he’s a good guy. He has a girlfriend in NYC and he had gotten a message from his girlfriend. For some reason he can receive, but not message her back. I don’t know why, but it didn’t even dawn on me until writing this that I could have put my tech support skills to work and help him. Ohh well, I also didn’t crush the aluminum cans here this morning either. He had to leave for the library so he could reply back to his love.

Next that showed up was Truman. Truman was a conservative, Christian, confederate flag loving Republican that voted for Donald Trump. He had told me that he remembered me from last year and how it wasn’t cool that I grabbed the mic last year. I explained I made every effort not too. I emailed, spoke to the organizers twice before, and waited until the end before going for the mic. He felt content in that answer. So we went on to talk about my purpose. I explained that I’m doing an elaborate physics experiment and that a new field of science needs to be created to explain it. I am working with a real physicist (Finally!) and the name of that new field would likely be Metaphysical Quantum Mechanics. Truman took 45 minutes to get to Bienville Square and clocked 12.8 mph on his way here. He also showed off the charging capability of his solar-powered cell phone charger. He was at 88%. I high-fived him and told him let’s go to the future and then proceeded to tell him my favorite coincidence. Truman said I was much cooler than he initially thought.

Truman told me he was named after the President by the same name. I thought that was so cool. He was the only one on a bicycle and when the parade started he got to the front of it. I couldn’t image a better metaphor for a incidence of that kind. A US President was in a special vehicle, that no one else had, and was heading OUR Parade! Truman was definitely a coincidence in my book.

What’s remarkable here is the transition from me having an interaction with a homeless man with no meaningful name to a President Truman that ended up heading the parade.

There was a lady scientists there with 70,000 year old wood just ten miles off from Orange Beach. I wasn’t going to go touch it when she offered it up to the crowd, but I decided with Orange Beach being involved, The Dictator might as well touch old wood. Can’t hurt. So I touched it, so delicate and light. I got to hold really old wood — Neat!

Truman was a joy to talk too. Part of our conversation involved ways I can improve my message. He said I should lose weight. People will listen to someone that looks healthy. Truman is right, I do need to lose weight. I told him I live in the fattest state in the union, Mississippi. But I have also made many sacrifices in the exercise of science. It’s just hard to lose weight as a … Dictator. I’m try to be neutral in everyway possibly and part of that means not trying very hard at consuming the proper food. I eat what’s available, and what’s available isn’t healthy. If I’m going to lose weight, it means my family and friends all need to change our availability of healthy food. For the record, as of my last Doctor’s appointment I was 342 (42!) and my cholesterol was 228 (My area code!).

I took a break from writing and this song hit me in the feels — I Fight Dragons, the Near Future X. Fightin on.

I tried to speak to everyone I could, I saw a group gather after the parade and I went to sit next to them. One lady engaged me and I explained how I’m trying to give away domains to help people speak their own minds, it’s also an elaborate lifelong physics experiment that’s been in play since Labor day 2004. My physicist, I finally got the help from one, suggests that a new field of science needs to be created to understand my idea, the best likely name of that new field would be Metaphysical Quantum Mechanics. She said it was interesting and wished me luck. She did say it was a complex endeavor– I disagree, the basics are I’m offering up free Trump related domains, good or bad, and I am trying to find those people out of the 320 Million in America to help.

I did make efforts to speak to Angela (real name), she’s a science advocate and March for Science organizer. I told her I was actually doing a very good thing and that this is an elaborate physics experiment. I expected to be asked a follow up question, but I got “Thank you for keeping us informed.” I respond “That’s as far as this is going? Okay.” She didn’t respond, so I walked around more and spoke to people at the various booths setup. I have met many “Angels” in the past, people that felt like mirror images of people I wanted to help. They don’t normally have angel in their name though. Per the Dictation, Angela must be an Angel, just one that disagrees with me. Stubborn scientist. I might not be as educated as her, but I know science when I see it right in front of me. I found her again and got some stickers from a booth, then followed up with telling her about needing a new field of science – Metaphysical Quantum Mechanics. I can’t recall the response, if any.

Once the parade was over I put my sign and stickers in the car and walked over to Spot of Tea. They had an hour wait for food and I thanked her. She apologized and I explained your business is doing good, don’t apologize. I’ll eat elsewhere. I went to Hero’s and got a recommendation from the waitress. A Reuben with Chicken Noodle soup with an Abita Amber to drink. We agreed it sounded weird together — Chicken Noodle and a Reuben –, but she assured me it’d be good. I mean to tell you, Hero’s Chicken Noodle soup is the best Chicken Noodle soup I’ve ever eaten. A fellow next to me had asked about my chicken noodle soup and I asked if he’d like some. He said sure, so I add a cup to my check and he got the chicken noodle. We both were in agreement it was good. His likely more so since it was free. Free food always seems to taste better.

After leaving Heros I headed home, but decided to make a pit stop at American Lube Fast. I arrived at 1:51 PM (In my universe, 151 is a diagnostic test code). I pulled in and I nearly failed the test by rubbing up against the edge of the bottomed out floor. I didn’t fall in, but man am I stupid sometimes. I got new wipers and Sunoco Ultra Synthetic oil. As I was leaving, the manager with the name of a CEO, told me he won’t see me next time as he was leaving for better work and more pay. I wished him luck and thanked him. I’m glad he’s moving on to better things. He’s done my oil change several times. I just hope his replacement is just as competent.

So that was my day. The Dictator was in a parade with the President in the pursuit of science. Concentrated coincidences happen people. Coincidences are some kind of junction point in the fabric of the cosmos. Just how long will it take you to realize it?

On another front, my Schrödinger Cat, Gourd, has been being a jerk lately. A little over a week ago, a mama feral cat had kittens under our shed. I decided the least I can do is put out food for her so her babies can be healthy and they have a fighting chance. For the first few days this was fine, but Gourd has wanted to spend more time outside. I was fine with this — the asshole of a cat can spend more time outside instead of waking me up in the middle of the night wanting petting. What I did not anticipate is that he’s guarding the porch and is likely preventing mama cat from getting any food. I left it on the porch so it wouldn’t get wet — it was meant for her, not Gourd! That’s just how things roll around here with a Schrödinger Cat.

That’s a wrap.

The Dictator

PS: Here is Gourd on the toilet. He’s been running off a feral mama cat I was trying to feed — you know, while she’s being a mommy to her kittens.