Walkers took care of goodwill adjustment

My last two attempts at random acts of kindness have failed recently, but today some reconciliation happened.

On my way to work a couple was walking down the road. As I passed them I listened to the music: Livin’ on the Edge by Aerosmith was playing, so I turned around and came to get them. Their vehicle had broken down and they were walking toward the city center.

The lady looked like a lady at work, the guy looked like a separate unrelated guy from work. Both of those individual drive Kia Souls.

I knew these two walkers were a coincidence. I was so excited! They probably thought I was nuts as I tried to give them the cliff note version of my Dictatorship.

I did make my pit-stop at the USPS to certify my letter to the local hospital for double billing me for my tooth ache and my leg pain. The two wanted to stay in the car, but I asked them to either come say hey to the post master or at bare minimum stand outside my vehicle while I was inside the post office. They chose the latter and stood outside the USPS.

The guy tells me they’re from Oregon to visit his mother. It can’t be too much further, just tell me the address I suggest. He gives me the address and the road is named after the industry I work in that is also the trailer park my brother use to live at. As I turn into the trailer park I tell them my brother lived in what is now a condemned trailer in this place about a dozen years ago. Which so happens to be across the street from where the man’s mother lives.

The guy’s brother was in town. Silverado with Texas plates.

I had to go to work, so I left them with my contact info and off I went.

Previously I had said I wouldn’t post about coincidence anymore, but this was some seriously good reconciliation of my earlier two failed random acts of kindness.