Burying my Russian cat

I’m sitting in a chair staring at a blanket containing my euthanized cat “Fake Mary”. She has played the role of a Russian coincidence as a blue Russian breed. I got her during a panic attack back in July 2003. I grabbed her and put her in the car. She’s been with me since.

It’s been a shitty few months. She started by puking constantly after losing a lot of weight. She was last 8 #. no amount of Vet visits were going to make it better. Well, I did visit two. She was just getting old.

The coincidences.

She generally doesn’t shit where I am, it’s always the hall/bathroom or near the litter box. Today she shit right in front of my desk. I stepped right into it. I told her, but how did she know?

When we leave for the vet to get her euthanized I hear a buzzing noise, and when I get home, the septic tank’s aerator went out. Fake Mary had her last breath today, so does our shit. I got it working by killing the ants that were surrounding it. Coincidences can be explained, but that doesn’t make them not have happened.

The lime I’m using is from Allgood, Alabama.

Cheny’s Lime


I had Will use his power to get the lime to the car.

The vet’s shoe size is 13. He volunteered that info. This guy just put down a Schrodinger cat and doesn’t realize it yet.