Recursion reduction — A science experiment.

One thing I’ve done since around Christmas 2016 is when a see a collection of coincidences I’ll snap a photo of it hoping to break it up in the idea of the double-slit experiment. Observing with evidence may change the outcome.

December 4th I saw a collection of them on the interstate. Lots of my coincidences involve vehicles, I’m not sure why. It was a brown boxy car like an older Buick or Oldsmobile. It has North Carolina plates and a Jesus fish.

The Camera on my phone failed. It flickered on and died, then the screen wouldn’t come back on until I noticed the car was out of view. So I recorded this memo in lieu of the picture.

Caution: This is still an experiment, listening may cause thoughts and prayers.

Coincidences may seem irrelevant to the reader, but I’m doing evidence based theoretical physics here. If I’m wrong, maybe my Trump Domain stuff will take off and I can help the world in that way. This will eventually be published into a book and is has kept The Dictator occupied while waiting for a US Citizen to ask for help spreading their own form of free speech.