Coincidence missed.

The last week or so I’ve lagged in recognizing coincidences in real-time. I normally see lights, leaves, vehicles, and etc in real-time that is generally an exercise for me to know that a bigger coincidence may or may not come. The last week or so, haven’t been seeing them, but hours later I’ll realize that I saw a coincidence. Like just now, while writing this coincidence, I realized Inter-dimensional Orange Cat threw up on the porch. At the same time my mom was off with friends and had a low blood sugar ‘event’. She didn’t feel good at all, but Gourd, my occasionally inter-dimensional orange cat, got sick the same day and puked at the door step, of all places.

The day earlier was a very stressful day for me. I was taking a rat trap to a friendly coworker, Angel. She took down her Christmas tree and had a rat get into the house. Angel had a 5:45 PM lunch, so I stopped by June’s house for a bit. I had brought the poison with me, but didn’t load it in the trap. So I got it out of my car and sat on June’s porch and loaded it with poison. I left the rat trap together and the poison was tight in its box. I go inside to watch 2 episodes of One Mississippi while waiting for Angel to goto lunch. When I come outside, the box has all but sheet of poison. (It looks like a kitkat bar). There should have been 3 bars in it. I panicked, because June’s Black mouth  cur was outside and she was the only one with a chance to get into it. June had to have been incredible upset, but told me to leave and take the rat trap to Angel. I either killed her dog or didn’t. Nothing can be done now and Angel is likely waiting for the rat trap. I go to work to drop off the rat trap and instead of seeing Angel, I met Xavier, and we discussed the rat poison and decided  to call poison control. When I get off, I learn Angel got her lunch time wrong, so I got my badge and brought it into the building to her.

That happened on Black Friday, here it is December 3rd. The dog is doing fine. Saturday morning I took June’s dog to the vet and she got 2 shots of Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K1 meat tabs for the next few weeks by Dr June, a veterinarian I’ve never met prior . She’s not out of the woods yet. Two days after she finishes the tablets, she needs a PT Blood test. She’s doing fine and I’m glad.

Now we’re up to date on recognized coincidence. You can take it however you want to take it, but I somehow see it tied to Donald Trump (Gourd puking), Racism, because a Black Mouth Cur ingested rat poison delivered by “The Dictator”. It could make for  source material for a future book.

Saturday, December 2nd, Ginger called me while I was washing clothes and watching Wizard of Lies and told me that Alan’s boyfriend had dumped him earlier in the day and if I’d come to be with him while he’s at the bar. I’ve never met Alan before, so I didn’t think I’d be any help, so I hung up with her and went back to Wizard of Lies. Then I realized that Ginger just served me up a possible coincidence and I wanted to see it play out.

So i got ready and went to a bar nearby. Alan just broke up with his boyfriend that has an ironic name. There have been two other Alan’s in my life. One, a person like me, that lived in Michigan, but he took his route the way of the Bible. He died of an oversized heart. He helped me become comfortable with my life, so I owe him a lot of respect. While at the bar I noticed the ATM has a charity option. When I noticed the ATM was operated by Meta-Bank I decided the coincidence couldn’t get any better and in honor of Alan,. I donated $10 to the American Heart Association.

Another, a straight ex-friend of mine that I honestly feel in love with. I let that Alan live with me and take advantage of me for several years. He eventually married and moved on, before I realized how he was just a mooch that got free rent and food for a while with nothing emotional in return. I was wasting an investment.

The coincidence that happened at that bar is my winning game playing pool involved me sinking the Orange 13 Strip first. I’m a horrible pool player, balls never go where I call them to, so I was surprised when Trump’s equivalent ball in pool lined up first, then I didn’t expect to actually win that game.

The Alan that we were there with was pretty much too tired and emotionally drained so he wanted to go home. I got a bit sad, I never really got to figure out the dept of the Alan coincidence. The best I learned is he use to work with the government surveillance complex, so maybe it’s coincidental that is one of my most popular visitors to this site. Prior to Phantom I had DoD IP addresses show up now and then. He’s the ghost of Alans past.

Ginger, Alan, and myself were suppose to go to a bar and grill closer to Alan’s home since he was getting tired. But he didn’t show up at the second bar, too tired. I lost my chance to see how deep the coincidence went and I’m not pressuring anyone to take part in my Quantum Entanglement experiment.

Ginger and I ate at the bar and the tab came to $37.00. My boss sees the number 37 frequently throughout his life, so it made sense the night’s end tab was $37.00. We tipped out at $7 for good luck. My job playing out the coincidence was over for the night. So stopped  June”s place and checked up on her dog. She’s doing fine.

One other coincidence that was short and sweet. On my way to the first bar, I had setup Google Maps to alert Ginger when I’d be at the bar. At the end of an intersection Google’s voice said to me “Take the second right onto…. “. There is no second right, other than going into a green field, which was kinda funny.

I do want to say that I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing, but I know it’s interesting and I still hope a physicist would come forward and help me make sense of this thing that seriously does influence me. I don’t think I’m experiencing  synchronicity.

Today’s 7 year Memory on Facebook is an image of Gourd, the occasional inter-dimensional orange cat, getting bunny ears by my dad. The color blue comes up often and it’s a blue blanket being used as he prepares for winter.

Today’s 7 year memory on Facebook

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