Coincidence of Luck

Last week I saw several signs I might have some luck showing up for myself. I wanted my mom to come along, but she was feeling ill and couldn’t make it. I delayed going to the casino until this weekend. Spoiler: We didn’t win. $50 used to test for the presence of coincidence luck.

Last Wednesday, I saw pennies out at the Veranda at work. The majority on heads, I thought these were “pennies from heaven” and asked a coworker to pick them up, 9 pennies I believe. I already had luck, I wanted to spread it out. So I had April pick up the pennies. All but two were on head, so to have the luck spread even further I asked April to pick up the two on tails and toss them so someone else had a chance. One, I couldn’t find, the second was on heads. Unsure who got that penny / if it got picked up.

April has recently come across some luck since then. She got a decent price on a remodel, a free bath tub, and an item out of stock for the past 3 months showed up in stock.

So, last night mom and I went to the casino to test my luck. I even coincidentally had $27 in my pocket. $20 to gamble, $7 to eat. I figured the $7 was another sign of good luck. So mom and I went and lost our money. She spent $10 more than planned, but we came out nothing ahead. I usually break even, that didn’t even happen.

On the way home I needed cat food for Fake Mary. She’s lost weight and I got her tilapia. So we went into Wal-Mart and checking out at the last self-service kiosk was April! The coincidence that ended the night was meeting the lady I passed my luck onto it. Mom says it’s a test to make sure I’m not greedy. I think I passed, though I did suggest April goto the casino to test the rest of the luck. I don’t know if she went to the casino after we spoke. I’ll find out next time I see her.