Citizens United money being declined

I just had my Twitter account, @trumpedwithpwr lose it’s ability to run ads. My advertising account got suspended shortly after running this as a promoted tweet:

Dictator @trumpedwithpwr
Happy Labor day! Want your own place to speak about @realDonaldTrump ? ask me about a free Trump Domain. #Notajoke

I would link to it, but I’m no longer finding it in my feed. Censorship?

Tweet stats with “Your promotion is under review”.

Here is some proof of the tweet. When it went from running to “Your promotion is under review” I took this screenshot.

I emailed Twitter support and was told I violated their ad policy for Unacceptable Business Practices. For starters, I’m not a business, so unsure how this applies to me as I’m not practicing business. If anything I’m practicing to be a charity. I am a single [1] US Citizen in Mississippi attempting to spread a little free speech around.

At the moment Dictator’s motto of “It pays to Discover” isn’t working out so well. My money is no good for the moment. Hopefully I can appeal this.