The Missed Day of Labor

Dear US Citizen,

I set aside a certain amount of time each week to work on this website. Putting in my “labor” portion of the Citizens United funding. However, I have a bit of a pain creeping up on me. So today after realizing massaging it away wasn’t helping I went to the ER.

The ER diagnosed my problem. Says it’ll pass in a few days. However, during that time I was unable to update the site.

So alternative things happened. After I left the ER with my 2 prescriptions, I left for the pharmacy. The ER gave me the hours, so I left for the shopping center. Once I got there a frail old lady waved me down and said “I need money for food so my daughter, whose in the car, can eat. I have cancer. Can you spare a few dollars?” I tell the lady, “ma’m let me drop these prescriptions off and I’ll meet you at the McFoodCourt. ” She says “sure!”

I walk just past the door and find the pharmacy closed.  I’m back out the door to find her. I can’t stick around for conversation, but I figure I can buy her and her daughter a meal while I leave for the 24 hr pharmacy in the next city over.

She’s not there. So I walk on the inside, mind you while my leg is in pain, to the McFoodCourt. She’s not there or in between. I walk the whole distance outside looking for her. I scan some of the parking lot. I finally give up and leave for the 24 hour pharmacy.

This is the second time I’ve offered someone conversation as payment for a free meal.

This was also the second failed attempt.

Not sure what to make of it.

The leg is a lot better.

Dictator Trump

US Citizen


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