The New Plan

Explanation of what I and TrumpDomains will be doing.

I literally own 90 domains that I purchased when I realized Index Censorship was a thing that need to be protected during this Presidency and on into the future. I also wanted to ask Donald Trump a question and since Money is speech, I spent money on “speech” until I got attention. “Speech” being defined as Domains, Ads, and Hosting. I’ve gotten the Russias attention, but not much any American Traffic. Russia has been a great help in making me realize my speech has value in the world. I personally believe too many Americans use Google like DNS and had we more computer sense US Citzens would have found my sites too. This is good though, I’m going to cure it as best I can.

DictatorTrump is master of the domain, but he has many others that are vacant. I will be giving away half of my domains to US Citizens with good ideas and the skills to use it. Everyone gets their domains at the sametime, businesses first, but I should be able to handle everyone in a few weeks or less. I won’t settle until all the domains are negotiated for so they go to the right place.

I have to get started evaluating domain applications over the course of the next however many months. Until every (or most) domains are accounted for.  I expect I’ll be negotiating prices on the other 1/2 of the domains will be ongoing. Some will be sold to Small Businesses, Media, and Journalist companies and some to Huge company or Sole Proprietorship at a higher price.

Now Go Apply!


PS: The Old Plan

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