Trying to bust out of this egg.

Today was the day. July 25th. Today was supposed to be my day!

I was going to a focus group to try to determine the cause of our IT issues. This was my chance to be in front of an important person and say some outrageous statement to get attention.

I explained how I had 3 instances of the antivirus crashing on my computer. Each time it happened to me while talking to a customer that our company royally messed up on. My theory is that this is an information exchange over entanglement, from pent up animosity,  and it’s possibly blanking out the memory of whatever application that was most fitting. That problem fades across other tools we use.

The problem was immediately blamed on the antivirus vendor and not a coincidence. Fine. But today, I was saying this and I’m thinking this has to be validating to him somehow. To the others in the focus group, no one said anything about it being odd my antivirus crashed at just the right time. Isn’t that worth questioning? I didn’t get called insane, I didn’t get called out at all. It was just acknowledged and we moved on. The most bizarre thing ever. I had examples to prove my case. [This section was examples, but due to the faintest these might give way to the human involved, I’ve stricken them]

So yeah, I attempted very much so to break out of this bubble, but it’s not working.

One good thing is I did see a blue aura around him while sitting there. You could blame the blue wall, but I saw what I saw. I did not disclose I saw his aura.


the Dictator