$100 Give away Contest and rules (Ended 7/22/2018)


I’m offering $100 to the first person to provide constructive feedback on my project at . It could be YOU!

I’ll be awarding $100 to the first person to give constructive feedback on TrumpDomains.Net. Please review the site and give me any feedback for improvement.

Please submit your feedback via the contact of your choice. TrumpDomains.Net or TrumpedWithPower.com. These are both ran by me, the Dictator.

The first person to give me constructive feedback will be rewarded $100 for their time.


  • Family and friends are disqualified from being awarded the $100
    • Although your feedback is welcomed.
  • I’ll pay the reward via PayPal or Bitcoin.
    • Payment via BTC or other Digital Currency may be delayed as I would have to purchase the coin.
  • The decision of the winner is final.

Don’t feel rushed, this has been a solo project for quite a while and I suspect an ad offering $100 will likely be ignored by most, so you are likely the first.

I’ve been looking to get this project off the ground and your feedback is a gift. Thank you for all you do!


the Dictator

The award has been paid to King Kong. He climbed to the top and claimed the reward. Thank you King Kong for your time!