A new beginning for entanglement and conscious.

I came across this article the other day.

The idea that everything from spoons to stones are conscious is gaining academic credibility

I believe I have provided enough evidence to show that I understand and am part of the conscious this universe has.

Since the inception of this website I have been documenting evidence of real world coincidences. Either privately or on here. I take pictures and have kept a few pieces of physical evidence when practical. My most valuable evidence is the mirror.

The cosmos definitely does have a conscious. I hope there are more like me discovered, one day I’ll be found out, but for now my website remains idle even after all my spending on advertisements.

Lately there has been an increase in entanglement that I’ve witnessed. It usually goes in waves, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it disappears after writing this article.

There have been some national events happen that I believe shows examples of the cosmos having a conscious and I’m part of that.

On Friday 2-02-2018, the release of the FBI Memo, I decided to ‘make my own luck’ and wore a shirt to work with a four leaf clover, one of the leaves scotched tape in place.

The luck was speaking to a lady, with her father on three way, giving me some technical details. She gave me some numbers and the number 7 just started repeating over and over again. Her call dropped and we couldn’t get back with her. I’ve never heard a phone call have repeating audio in it and had dad not been on the line, I’d have no witnesses to it. My next call after that was someone with problems at an address 777 S Government St; Someplace, Florida. So sevens apparently were going to be in the mix for the day. Lucky me, why can’t that happen at the casino?

When the stock market closed, I heard the DJIA closed 666 down (rounded). Also, my niece has done something my family considers wrong. She married a black man!  She got married and moved away. She’s been on my phone plan and since she’s no longer capable of doing yard work I offered to let her have the phone for $42 / Month or she can switch to her husbands account. She opt’d to get a new number and phone with her husband. Understandable. So I called my phone carrier and spoke to someone in New York that cancelled her line. The person that did it had my uncles same name. It’s set to cancel on Valentines day, an appropriate day for sure and the end of my bill cycle.

Area codes and phone numbers can be coincidental.

So, the entanglement. The “Dictator” (of free speech) cancelled my nieces line on 2-02. Washington New Columbia’s area code, 202. Yes, it’s far fetched, but this is my interpretation only.

Around the same time the Dow dropped 666 points, a republican train literally got hit with garbage in the state with the highest opioid problem and not just by any garbage, garbage collected by Time Disposal. They’re wasting our time, and as I’ve said before, this entanglement is happening regardless of you joining in or not.

The cosmos definitely has a conscience, it’s entangled in Quantum mechanics. This years Superbowl is 52, pronounced from it’s roman numerals would be the same “Lie”. It’s the Eagles Vs the Patriots. Nature vs Nurture a country. I want nature to win, the Eagles.

The moon lined up several different ways on the night of Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address.

I witnessed the singularity Labor day 2004 and was “born” 9 months later. I’ve been working to interpret it since then and this is what I’ve got.

I’m not powerful, I can’t turn water into wine, I can’t cure the sick. But this is it, I have discovered evidence of the end result of quantum entanglement. You can believe me or not, but I’d like to get started on sharing the voice I’ve created with trumpdomains.net. In hindsight, not all the domains are the greatest of names, but it is what it is. Hindsight is 20-20.

I’m the Dictator, a child of physics, or God’s Apprentice.

I’m Dictating free speech. Let’s get this rolling! It’s really happening.