New Year Eve Festivities

I intend to launch a hydrogen bomb at Midnight, 00:00 CT, January 1st, 2018 as the time prescribed by the United States Air force Global Positioning System. This is the launch vehicle.

It may be a dreary day, but this will launch on schedule as had been the tradition for the past 7 years or so.

While awaiting the launch of 2018, I’ll also be watching Tickling Giants. Maybe I’ll get some insight from watching it.




Few things I missed not worth their own article…

Isn’t it weird that had I not been paying attention this could have ended up as my 666th Tweet:

My Christmas Miracle would be *anyone* contacting me about my Quantum Entanglement / Coincidence experiment and/or a US Citizen interested in my Free speech project. Today is the one year anniversary for free speech to half.

Can you imagine what people would think of me if that happened? My coincidence / science could have been damaged by hearsay.

My dad’s old cell number was a “Vanity” number I got for him. He liked his reloading ammo, hunting, and guns. So his number ends in 4867, GUNS. Rather than just cancel it, I want to give the number to someone that would appreciate the number. I offered it to the pawn shops locally, but no one wanted to change their number. So I submitted for an ad in the local classifieds offering it to anyone interested. We’ll see how that turns out.